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Gift Concierge Services

Unlike other retailers, Kustom Products has Concierge Gift Strategists to work with you to help select the perfect gifts for your occasion and create the desired result you want within your budget. No more rummaging through dozens of internet searches and catalogues to find something that will “work”. With Kustom Products, you tell us your budget and goal and we will make recommendations for you to choose from.

Drop Ship to Multi-Location Delivery

Have clients or recipients in multiple locations? Let us save you time and money by shipping directly to your gift recipient and take the burden off your busy plate.

Kustom Personalization

Aside from the customization of your gift, we work with our clients to take personalization to the next level. How about including a handwritten note from you? Or picture? Why not wrap your gift in special paper? We are happy to support you in creating a superior personalized gift giving experience.

Customized Gifts with Third Party Integration

Kustom Products works with third party vendors to take your gift giving strategy to the next level. Want a custom humidor? Why not also fill it with cigars. We will source, important and assemble a complete gift that WOWs the receiver.

Customer Reviews

  • Round Decanter Style 8

    If anyone has had the pleasure of working with Kate and her team they will not work with anyone else! Christmas gift giving time for companies can be the worse!! We were trying to figure out how to have the man power and time to receive, un-box, gift wrap, re-box, re-pack and ship out all the gifts we had made for our clients. We had one girl out and we just didn’t know how we could do it. Kustom Products to the rescue! They did it all for us!! We sent them cards and they individually wrapped, boxed and shipped our gifts with our cards directly to our clients! OMG! We calculated out the difference if we had done it and it saved us THOUSANDS!! We also had the best response from our clients who received the gifts letting us know how thoughtful we are and it is a big reason they continue to do business with us.You guys make us look GREAT! Thank you!!!


  • 4pc Wine Tool Set

    We had the pleasure of trying to procure a last minute custom gift item for over 50 guests with a week to spare. Everything from start to finish was absolutely first class. Suggestions were given promptly as well as quotes, changes were accommodated and when there seemed to be an issue with the speed of delivery (after they were already on their way), the items were tracked down and given new upgraded shipping (at the cost of the seller). I just cannot sing their praises enough. Not to mention how WONDERFUL the product itself was upon arrival. Classy product, classy people.


  • Cherry Humidor Full

    We prefer to work with small businesses and Kustom Products reinforces the reasons why. As a business with lots of clients and staff we know the importance of showing both of them appreciation during the year and holidays. I can’t tell you how many times we have been told we look like we have put so much thought into our gifts and it is so nice not to get another food basket. That is all Kustom Products-let them help you show your clients you care.

  • Double Piano Wine Box

    I purchased this as a gift for our CEO who is a wine connoisseur after having previously purchased one for a Board Director. The box and tools were beautiful but what actually stood out was the exquisite engraving. An awesome gift that looks more expensive than the reasonable price I paid. The gift was from the senior executives to the CEO and they loved it, thought it was a perfect gift for a difficult person to buy for. Thank you so much for all of your professionalism and suggestions. I truly appreciate it.


  • Family Recipe Board

    To pass on a favorite family recipe, in your loved ones own handwriting is beyond priceless. I cannot think of a more beautiful, perfect gift for family as well as honoring our mother we lost. I am speechless. Thank you!

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