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Common Questions:

1. How long until I get my products?

Processing time for most items is 3-5 business days. Please remember that each item is customized to your specifications and therefore takes a little time to create. The processing time does not include shipping- shipping is based on where you live and the shipping method you choose.

2. I need my items quicker than the processing time offered- is this possible?

Yes! Rush processing is available; however, there will be an extra fee involved. The rush processing fee is based on the number of items, weight of items, where the items will be shipped to, and how quickly those items are needed. All rush processes are "after hours." No item will reserve priority over another and all items all processed in the order that they are received. If you need an order rushed, the order will be fulfilled after hours so to not effect the order of the other items. Please note that part of the rush processing fee is the cost of an employee working after hours.

3. What are the extra fees and why are there extra fees?

The extra fees will very by item. Some of the extra fees could be:
-Priority Shipping: based on the amount and weight of the item, along with where the items need to be shipped to.
-Rush Processing: Please understand that EVERYONE needs/wants their items as quickly as possible and one customer's item will for NO reason be placed in priority over another customers item. Because of this, all rush processing orders are filled after hours or on weekends and will incur a rush processing fee. All rush processing fees will be in the range of $5-$50 depending on the size of the project and how quickly the items are needed.

4. What mail carrier do you use and how long will it take to receive my items once they are shipped.

At the current time my main provider is USPS with very few packages being shipped out FedEx. USPS website states the following for shipping in the 48 USA:
All items under 13 oz: 2-5 days
All other items: 2-9 days
Priority items: 1-3 days

USPS Shipping outside the USA:
Standard Mail: 5-16 Business Days
Priority Mail: 6-10 Business Days
Express Mail: 3-5 Business Days

**ALL customs can stop and hold packages for any amount of time, and this time is not covered by your quoted shipping times. If customs is holding your item, the average length of time is 4-7 business days. In rare cases, your customs can return or refuse a package; please be aware that customs can do this with any shipment they choose. In most cases if a product is returned/rejected by customs, it is because that product is not allowed to be imported into your country. 
As Kustom Products ships everywhere in the world, it is the buyers responsibility to know what can/cannot be imported into your country. As these regulations are consistently changing, we highly recommend you check your current country's regulations before purchasing. If an item is returned, Kustom Products will investigate the reason and if we are able to, we will set up an additional shipment at the cost of the buyer. It will be the buyers responsibility to file a claim with their customs for the loss in cost/shipping of the product. 
At no time will Kustom Products ever falsify documents for a purchase that is not allowed into a country. Please make sure you are aware of all your country's importing laws/regulations before ordering a product. If you have a question about the holding please contact your local Postal Company.

5. I am a foreign buyer, what fee will be associated with my package? 

All countries have their own fee associated with packages being mailed in from a foreign buyer. Please contact the appropriate government agency to find out what your fees will be. All packages will be marked as goods sold without exception. It is against the law for a company in the USA to ship goods overseas to a buyer as a gift, so please do not ask us to break the law. All fees relating to the package within the buyers country will be the responsibility of the buyer.

6. Do you accept returns?

**Please double check the listing descriptions for all details of the items, including materials and size.**
No returns will be accepted on any personalized items. Due to the customization of the items, they can not be resold to another customer and therefore all sales on these items are final. All items will be customized EXACTLY how the words/dates/notes are given. If the item is damaged or not correct in anyway, please contact us within 3 days of arrival of package.
If your item is received and it is incorrect or damaged, please contact Kustom Products immediately so we can fix the problem and get another item out to you right away.
If the item needs to be returned or a request is made for a return label due to our error, you have one week from the delivery of the label to send back the product for a full refund Any product sent out later then a week will not receive a whole refund, the shipping cost will be the responsibility of the buyer and a 50% fee of the purchase price will be given upon receipt of the items. After 3 weeks no refund will be eligible.
All items are personalized EXACTLY how the note is given so please check your spelling and dates!
All damaged items must be reported within 3 days to receive a refund or a replacement.
If your item arrived incorrect and can be fixed, the item will be corrected or a discount offered. If the item arrived damaged, please contact us right away.
If you order an item that is not customized and you wish to return it the item will need to be returned within 3 business days in its original condition with all of its original packing. The postage of the item being shipped to the buyer, along with the item being shipped back to the seller, will be the responsibility of the buyer. In addition, there will be a 10% re-stocking free of the item upon receipt. 
If the item is damaged in transit on the way back to the seller, the responsibility of the damage claim to recoup cost will be the responsibility of the shipping party, the buyer.
Any non-personalized item can be returned up to 5 business days after receipt of the item, any item returned and postmarked after the 3 days and up to the 5 days will be subject to a 20% re-stocking fee.

7. My item came in damaged/missing what do I do?

All damaged items must be reported with a picture of the damage, as well as the box, within 3 days of shown delivery. If more than 1 item is damaged/missing, please send identifiable individual pictures or one picture that shows all the damaged items together. Please send a picture of the box as well as all damaged items. As soon as the damaged items are verified, new item(s) will be sent out ASAP. In the case that those items are no longer available, the cost of the items will be refunded.
Any items that are not reported within the 3 days will not receive a refund or replacement item at no cost. After the 3 day time period all damaged items must be reported by the buyer directly to the shipping company to recoup funds lost. Most shipping companies have a 30 day window to report damaged/missing items.

The reason we require all damaged/missing items to be reported by the buyer after the 3 day time period is that USPS and FedEx have been requesting physical proof of the damaged/missing items/packaging after that 3 day time period. As we do not have the product on-hand, nor the packaging, this is not something we can produce.

If you wish us to report the damaged/missing item(s) for you after the 3 day time period we would be happy to do so. In that case we would report the item with your pictures. The item must be held by you until USPS makes a decision if they want physical proof of the item and/or confirmation from you that the item is damaged/missing. 
-If they want confirmation they will send you a letter asking for verification that you did in fact get a damaged item.
-If they want physical proof the item/packaging will need to be presented to your local post office.
After USPS determines that the item is broken/missing they will send a confirmation to our company. Only after that confirmation is received will a new product be made and shipped to replace the broken/missing item. 
We would be happy to make you a custom listing to replace a single item if you would like to reorder. 

If your item is missing but shown delivered we recommend the following action: Please contact your local USPS office. The Postal Manager will contact your resident delivery driver to try and locate the package. It is not uncommon for a USPS driver to scan a package and leave it in the vehicle. We ask that 3 business days be given for your local USPS to find the package for you once you contact them. If your package is not recovered within those 3 business days please contact us back with the following information:
-USPS local number (please do not give 800 number- we need your local area code number to contact the correct location)
-Name of the Post Master
-Name of your delivery driver
We will need all that information to file a claim and recoup the cost of the package. Because the package shows delivered and it is missing there is a significant amount of extra paper work and contact that is needed to recoup the loss of a package. We need all the information from you in a timely manner to be able to file the claim according to USPS. As soon as the claim is filed we will notify you, and USPS might contact you to confirm information before they proceed. For this reason no refund will be given until their claim report is complete to ensure they receive all the information they need and the claim is not denied.
If the claim is approved the money will be refunded immediately back to the buyer in the amount of the payment. If the payment is not approved the buyer has option to dispute the claim directly through USPS.
You, as the buyer, also have a right to file a claim, but please note that by doing so prevents us from filing a claim and all matters with USPS must be handled by you.

8. Do you accept cancellations on your items?

Due to the orders we have and the time we are trying to turn around orders no cancellations will be accepted more than an hour after the order is made. If you need to cancel your order within an hour of purchase you must email our shop via ETSY MESSAGE ONLY to request the cancellation. Any cancellation requests after the first hour will not be accepted.

9. Can I change what I want on my items?

As long as your product is not in production we will accept changes to your item within a reasonable time frame. If we have a question about your item and what you want engraved, we will contact you immediately. If we do not hear back from you within 24 hours we will move forward, if possible, on your item using the setup or style that you chose.
For example-If you choose a monogram style engraving and you give initials, then do not respond to an email for clarification on your engraving within 24 hours, your item will move into production using the monogrammed style you chose with the letters in the exact order you sent them.
If we recommend a change on your item we will reach out to you with the recommend change with the reason we suggest it. In the event that you do not respond in 24-48 hours we will move forward on your order the way it was ordered.

10. Do you do proofs/mock ups/pictures of your items?

Due to work load I do not do proofs/mock ups/pictures of items at no cost, as doing so would add a 2-4 day extra processing time for all items. The reason for this is that every day we get 10-20 requests for proofs of items, and the average mock up/picture takes 5-20 minutes a piece, resulting in an additional 1-7 hours a day. If you would like a proof/mock up/picture of your item, an extra $5 charge will be added onto your item cost per proof needed (during the holiday it is $10).
**Please note the proof is only to show the item in the layout of your product as requested. Any changes to design, etc will be an additional fee. 

If you would like a proof you can purchase it in the following listing:

11. For custom Images:

***You must have rights to use any image that is presented to me. It is illegal for me to use ANY trademarked image (Sports teams, Disney, etc)***

To be engraved, images need to be in a vector style format, as well as black and white. A vector image is made up of paths (not of pixels) which result in clean lines that the laser can read. Any non-vector image (.jpg for example) shows pixels which the laser will pick up and engrave onto your objects, resulting in an image that will look blurry. The acceptable vector formats are: .ai, .cdr, .eps. Please note that .png images will not be acceptable. 

If you have an image that is not a vector format, such as a .jpg, that you would like to use I can either have a graphic artist trace it out for you at a cost of $10-$75 (in most cases) or you can go to a site such as where you can sign up for free and get multiple conversions into a vector image. If you go this route I would need the .eps file that you download from the site. Please note if the image does not convert well the cost to have it traced by our graphic artist would still apply.

After the image is in the correct format, a minimum of a $5 fee per item will be charged. Please notify us on Etsy what email you will be sending the image from and email the image to info [!at]
Due to multiple requests with sending the wrong format image and a lot of back and forth emails, if we do not receive the correct format within 2 emails the charge will apply for the vector tracing moving forward.

12. Shipping Address:

PLEASE try and make sure the address that is on your order is the correct address your package needs to be shipped to in order to avoid any confusion. All orders are shipped to the address per the account and all shipping costs are calculated out per the weight of your package and address it's being shipped to. If your address is incorrect please contact through your order on ETSY asap!

If we change your address for you after the order has been made, please note: We can only change the address in your notes and then change the address on the label. As we have NO access to your personal information we cannot change your address in your account. Therefore when the package is shipped it will initially look like it is going to the address on you account regardless of us changing the shipping address.

If an order is returned for an incorrect shipping address a new listing will be created for you to re-pay to ship your item. The cost is the same to re-ship your item as the initial cost of the shipping. If the address mistake was not the fault of USPS, it will incur the same cost to re-ship your package. If your address is correct and you believe the mistake is that of USPS, then ONLY THE BUYER with the address can file a claim against USPS in order to recoup their lost money. There will still be a charge to re-send the package.

All packages that are not claimed/re-shipped within 60 day will be discarded and no refund or credit will be made.

13. Barrel Instructions
Instructions & Barrel Prep

Your New Barrel
Keep your barrel shrink-wrapped, out of direct sunlight in a cool (55 - 60 degree) and optimally humid (65%-75%) area until ready to use. 
Barrel Prep
Begin by rinsing out the barrel to remove any charred bits and pieces of wood that might have shaken loose in shipping. Using a rubber mallet, carefully tap in the spigot (just until snug) and refill the barrel with tap water. Fill the barrel with Water. It is normal for the barrel to drip until the wood has swelled. Once the dripping stops, keep the water in the barrel for an additional 24 hours to fully hydrate the staves. Empty and rinse again. Fill to the top with your favorite spirit. Using a twist, push and turn action place the bung/cork in tightly.
The length of time your spirits age and mellow in the barrel depends on personal taste. Small barrels will begin imparting oak flavor quickly - check every two to three weeks for taste and top off what has been lost to the angels' share. When pleased with your results, pour into your favorite decanter or bottle and enjoy. 
The Rule of Thumb for Aging in Smaller Barrels
Using a smaller sized barrel changes the amount of surface area or the amount of wood barrel in contents. This larger ratio of wood to liquor has a direct impact on the flavor and length of the aging process and is the very reason that aging in a smaller barrel is much faster. For example, liquor can be aged out in four to six months when aging in a 20 L barrel versus years using the standard large 53-59 gallon barrel. 
The rule of thumb for aging in smaller barrels:
1 L Oak Barrel - one to two weeks
Check your barrels and their contents every couple of weeks - top off when necessary. 
Temperature and Humidity
Temperature also impacts the aging process due to the amount of oxidation that occurs at different temperatures. Higher temperatures accelerate this process while lower temperatures result in slower oxidation. Ideally there would be great variations between night and day temperatures. These fluctuations in temperature, along with changes in barometric pressure, have been shown to actually force the whiskey, wine or ale in and out of the wood, resulting in maximum flavor and character. 
Oxygen enters a barrel when water or alcohol is lost due to evaporation - often called the "angels share". In an environment with 100% relative humidity, very little water evaporates and so most of the loss is alcohol - a useful trick of one has a liquor or wine with very high proof. Most beverages are topped up from other barrels or bottles to prevent significant oxidation. With small barrels, it's recommended to top off the barrel every one or two weeks. 
In a nutshell ...
- Low Humidity - primarily water lost resulting in higher alcohol content. Dry air and higher temperatures will result in more water being lost (alcohol content goes up). 
- High Humidity - primarily alcohol lost resulting in losing the alcoholic strength of the product. When stored at 60% relative humidity or higher, primarily alcohol loss. Humid atmospheres with moderate temperatures will lead to more alcohol than water evaporating. 
Additional Information
- As the barrels are a wood product, they are subject to the wood drying and shrinking. Oak Barrels, Ltd. offers no guarantee against shrinkage. 
- In order for the spigot to flow freely, please remember to remove the bung/cork before you open the spigot ... pour from the spigot ... then close the spigot and finally ... replace the bung/cork. 
- To keep your barrels performing and looking their best, please keep them stored in a protected area away from the elements and optimally in a cool and relatively humid area. 
- Barrels with painted black steel hoops are particularly susceptible to moisture. A little care goes a long way. Prevent excessive staining and rust by keeping the exterior of the barrel dry. 
- Avoid water stains by using a funnel to carefully fill your new barrel. 
- Sandpaper will generally remove any stains or marks on the barrel.
- As the barrels are handcrafted, liquid volume is approximate.
- You should be able to reuse your barrel from 3-5 times ... remember that each aging will take longer than the previous one. 
- Please do not nail or put screws into the hoops or staves as doing so will compromise the oak and might cause damage that is not covered by our return policy. 
- If you want to age a different type of spirit then was initially aged in it, we recommend you use a new barrel. 
- For your safety, if using chemicals to clean/sanitize your barrels, please follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper use. 

14. Can I pick up my items from your location?
All items must be shipped, we are an online retailer only.

15. Want to receive 10% off of your order? Read below!
If you are reading this is an email message it is because we are looking for some unique photos to use in our listings! Getting married and you have a wedding photographer? Have the photographer take some pictures of the items you are giving to your wedding party and then submit the photos to us!
If you are reading this on your own and you believe you have some great photos of our products please feel free to submit them! We have taken many such photos!
-Photos must be clear and to high standards that feature the product
-There can be no other product in the photos
-There can be no faces in the photos unless you wish to print and have everyone in the photo sign a declaration that they give permission for their photo to be used, if you would like a copy of the declaration needed please let us know. The photos can show hands or other parts of the body showing.
-By sending us the photos you are stating that the photos are yours and that you give Kustom Products Inc and all it affiliates the right to use the photos.

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