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Our Corporate Responsibility Philanthropic Program (CRPP) promotes the art of giving back to organizations. Our first focus is to our local communities as we strive to enhance the quality of those who live around us.  Additionally, we continue to expand on our philanthropy outside our community as we partner with non-profit organizations in an attempt to assist those beyond our neighborhoods.


Request Process & Policies


Requests are reviewed on a monthly basis and must be submitted at least 6 - 8 weeks prior to the event to be considered. Due to the high volume of requests received, we are unable to confirm the status of requests or receipt of requests by telephone. Although we are honored to receive many charitable requests, we are not able to support them all. In order to be fair, all requests for donations are submitted to our internal committee. This committee reviews each request on its merits and submits a recommendation. If your organization has been chosen by our committee, we will notify the contact person on your application.

KUSTOM PRODUCTS, Inc. has established guidelines for product donations that follow the IRS tax guidelines. All tax information must meet our requirements before they can be considered for a donation. The organization receiving the donation should be a nonprofit and charitable organization and provide a copy of their Federal Tax Exempt Certificate, 501(c) (3), if applicable.

If you would like to submit a request for a donation for products, please complete the following:

#1. Donation Request Form (link below)

#2. Please send a detailed email about who you are/what your company does and why you contacted Kustom Products Inc

#3. Send the email and form(s) to:, Subject Line: Donation Request

For the donation request form: