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10 Christmas Gifts You Won't Want to MIss!

This year has certainly been a crazy one, and the staff at Kustom Products anticipate the excitement of the holidays will just keep going up!  We’re all so thrilled to be able to spend the holidays with family and friends, eager to shower each other with the perfect gifts and have a great time rockin’ around the Christmas tree! 

So what should you be looking at getting for those closest to you this Christmas? We’ve created a list of our 10 Most Popular Gifts that we just can’t seem to keep on hand this year! Each of these adds a special flair to your gift-giving experience, and we’re sure you’ll love them so much, you’ll want one for yourself too!


  1. Presidential Humidor with Cigar Cutter, Ashtray & Cigar Case  

    This humidor is one of the best deals we have in our shop, and customers love it! Made out of a Cherry Ebony Wood and Spanish Cedar, this humidor can hold up to 75 cigars and adds an air of class with its digital hygrometer. You can personalize the glass lid for your loved one without affecting the integrity of the humidor! Don't miss out on this one at Christmas!

    View the Presidential Humidor here.

  2. Ebony Sunglass Watch Box

    This gift is one of the newest in our shop and already it's flying off the shelves! Made from Ebony Wood, this watch box will hold between 6-10 pairs of cufflinks, 2 pairs of sunglasses, and 6 of your favorite watches! The interior is made of a soft, black vegan leather and showcases your accessories in a very classy way. We have a variety of styles of engraving to choose from, but we've added our most popular below!

    View the Ebony Sunglass Watch Box here.

  3. Chef’s Family Recipe Cutting Board

    Kustom Products offers a variety of cutting boards for our Family Recipes, but the Maple, Walnut and Cherry Chef's Cutting Boards have become a customer favorite! The larger size of the board allows for larger recipes, or for your recipe to simply be enlarged for easier viewing! Extremely sturdy with an even engraving across the board, a few of our own staff members have bought the Chef's board! Take a look through the different types of wood we offer, and decide which you'll love most!

    View the Chef's Family Recipe Cutting Boards here.

  4. Stemless Wine Glasses Set | Lovebirds

    Drinking wine has become a favorite pastime in many households, and thankfully the standard wine glass has been recreated as a stemless glass! Many families open wine not only for special occasions, but for everyday activities too! Gift a beautiful pair of Stemless Wine Glasses with our classic Lovebirds design on it for your favorite couple! And make sure to snag a pair of glasses for yourself this holiday too!

    View our Stemless Wine Glass | Lovebirds here.

  5. Photo Album

    The holidays are all about creating memories that we can look back on and smile, so why not gift your family and friends a photo album to capture those moments? Whether someone got married and are celebrating their first Christmas as husband and wife, a new baby was born and it's their first Christmas, or the family just hasn't seen each other in a few years, a family photo album will help keep those treasured memories alive for years to come!

    View our Christmas Photo Album here.
    View our Family Photo Album here.

  6. Leather Jewelry Box

    Ladies, listen up: we're not the only one that need to organize our accessories! For our Leather Jewelry Box, we've actually found that more men request this item as a gift than women! Now, they have a place to store their watches, rings and cufflinks, as well as any other expensive or meaningful items in the storage compartment in the middle. The black vegan leather gives it a very elegant look too!

    View our Leather Jewelry Box here.

  7. Rosewood Humidor Bundle

    Everyone has one cigar lover in their lives- and who knew it was still so popular? This cigar humidor bundle offers everything they're going to need for the perfect setup: a classic humidor that holds up to 50 cigars, a cigar lighter, a folding walnut ashtray, and a travel cigar case! Best part of all? Each piece is custom engraved for them! If you're looking for the WOW factor, this is it!

    View our Rosewood Humidor Bundle here.

  8. Custom Dog/Cat Coffee Tumbler

    This item might seem a little silly to give for Christmas, but we guarantee you that this item is an instant hit! Everyone, and we mean everyone, loves to talk about their pets. Hilarious stories that have happened, sweet moments together, or just how much of a rascal they were yesterday. And each story is accompanied by the big goofy grin only a pet owner can truly give. Give them another reason to smile about their cat or dog with a custom coffee tumbler! We add their names to the silhouette of your pet, and for dogs we even offer different breed silhouettes! It's a gift that keeps on giving, inspired by the owner's own love for her three dogs!

    View the Dog Coffee Tumbler here.
    View the Cat Coffee Tumbler here.

  9. City Skyline Cutting Boards

    Do you have a place that's extra special for you? Maybe you got married in San Francisco near the Golden Gate Bridge, or you grew up in Boston as a die hard sports fan? Whatever city may be meaningful to you, honor your memories in that city with a custom City Skyline Cutting Board! We have beautiful silhouettes of your favorite cities we can add, and you can include a message or names below- get creative and make it special!

    View the City Skyline Cutting Boards here.

  10. Custom Text Clock

    A few times a day, we find ourselves glancing over at the clock. This is the perfect gift to show someone how special they are to you, because they'll look at it every day! With so many having bought new homes in the past year, accepted new jobs or finally been able to get married, gifting a new clock for their home is a beautiful way to cherish them!

    View our Custom Text Clock here.

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