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10 Reasons We Love Monograms!

1. They are absolutely timeless.

Monograms have been around since 350BC, first having appeared on coins with monograms of the Greek cities which issued the coins.

2. Did we mention they're classy?

Monograms once represented (and in some places still do) wealth and power. The names of monarchs were used as part of the insignia of public organizations in kingdoms, such as police badges, and showed a connection to the ruler.

3. They show you're proud of what you own.

Remember when you were a kid and you'd shout "Well I don't see your name on it!"? Monograms are the fancy way of saying, "Hey, this is mine- don't touch!"

4. Monograms represent individuality.

Maybe you bought that plain Calvin Klein shirt that every other mom at Johnny's play group has. But you had a beautiful lilac monogram etched on the pocket to differentiate you from every other mom there.

5. Speaking of which... Monograms make basics interesting.

That overly baggy scarf you've been carrying around but never wearing? Have your initials displayed along the bottom and learn new fashionable ways to tie your scarf this season!

6. Monograms show you went out of your way to find a thoughtful gift.

Sometimes all your bestie needs is a gift that shows her favorite person in the world loves her most!

7. Put your creative hat on!

There are millions of styles, colors and belongings that can be monogrammed. Think back to those early doll days and design your own fashion!

8. Monograms make unfashionable clothing beautiful.

Are you constantly on the run and would rather wear comfortable sweats than putting on tight jeans? Loungewear that's monogrammed adds a bit of fashion to an otherwise dull outfit for the days that you're in a hurry.

9. Be honest - it makes you feel special.

We all need a little something here and there that's just for us. Show off that clutch with the sparkly gold monogram and feel the good vibes all day!

10. Monograms everywhere!

Don't get us wrong - top to bottom monograms probably isn't your best look. But having a great collection to choose from can boost any outfit!

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