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5 Most Common Watch Types & How To Choose One For Him

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While there may be a plethora of men’s watches to choose from, how do you know which watch
will fit best within what you’re looking for and your lifestyle?

When it comes to stylish watches, there are five basic types to choose from: dress, field, aviator,
diver, and racing. Though you could go straight for owning one of each and being able to wear
them based on the occasion, most find one category that they really love. Read through the types
of watches below, and make sure to buy your watch lover their own 5pc Watch Box, made of
Cherry Wood with individual suede compartments to keep your watches safe. This way, they’re
able to sport their watch of choice each day while also keeping on display their other prized

1. DRESS: The dress watch was originally made for well-to-do gentlemen who wanted to
wear a timepiece on their wrist, as opposed to pulling out their pocket watch. This style
of watch is all about simplification, being sleek without being encumbered, drawing
attention to the subtleness and classiness rather than being flashy.
Dress watches are worn mostly on the thinner side, in order to be able to slip in and out of
a dress shirt cuff. The face is very simple in order to be able to be read quickly and the
band is always made of leather. These watches, as the name implies, are worn for
dressier, more formal occasions with a business suit or tuxedo, but can also be worn
dressed down to look sharp casual.

2. FIELD: A field watch is the descendent of the WWI “trench watch”, which was
designed for officers who needed to coordinate attacks, tell time at night, and have a
watch that would withstand battle. The field watch today still looks rugged and functional
but more stylish.
They run small to medium, with easy to read faces, typically on a white dial with black
numbering. More often than not, they’re made from stainless steel or titanium and
include leather or canvas bands. Field watches are quite versatile in when and where they
can be worn, from adventures outdoors to business casual. This watch is best suited for
outdoorsy men, or younger men who don’t dress up too frequently. It will match the
simple, rugged personality you’re buying for.

3. DIVER: Next to the field watch, the diver’s watch is one of the most common types of
watches you’ll see men sporting. In every Bond film, James Bond is sporting a new type
of Diver’s watch, and its popularity has only grown. Used by men who spend a lot of
time in or near water, the main benefit of this watch is its water resistance, most
frequently up to 100m, though some will continue working at lower depths.
These come in a medium size with bold, easy-to-read underwater Arabic numbering and
a sapphire or hardened mineral glass to keep it water resistant. The defining feature of
this watch is the uni-directional bezel around the face, which allows a diver to know just
how long he’s been underwater. The band is always made from metal, and is larger
around the wrist to fit around diving equipment. Even if you don’t dive, it’s a suitable
watch for everyday wear and very versatile.

4. AVIATOR: The aviator watch has been around for over one hundred years, back to
when Cartier created one for a pilot friend in 1904. Watchmakers built off that design in
the years to come and made timekeeping easier for pilots with the addition of the
chronograph. With this, they were able to determine their speed, distance traveled, and
fuel consumption all within one watch.
Unlike other watches, this style of watch doesn’t have a particular “look”. The sizing is
between medium to large and is designed for easy reading while flying, even in a dark
cockpit. The dial is oversized with clean legible numbers and usually has a black dial
with white numerals. The band is often made of leather and longer than usual to fit
around the pilot’s cuff. Though this style of watch is known for its chronograph, it does
not always feature the extra dials but will sometimes instead just have the date. The
casual look of the pilot’s watch make it great for everyday wear, but not for formal

5. RACING: Finally, the racing watch dates back to the 1930’s when racing cars became
popular as a way to keep time on measuring the outcome of the race. The most popular of
the racing watches was worn by Steve McQueen in the 1971 film Le Mans, where he
featured a Tag Heuer Monaco racing watch.
These racing watches are also medium to large in size and have a large face, to make
room for the chronograph, with clear Arabic numerals. Due to the rigors of racing, the
case is typically made of stainless steel and the band of metal or leather. This style of
watch is well known for its chronograph, but does not always feature the extra dials and
will also sometimes just have the date on the face of the watch. They are flashier watches

than either the diver or aviator, and because of their bold look, are more suited for casual

than formal wear.


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