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5 Top Humidors & Why You NEED One!!

5 Top Humidors & Why You NEED One!!

Ever wonder what all the hype is about when it comes to a humidor? Well you’re not the only one! 

Let’s begin by defining what a humidor is…according to the Oxford Dictionary, a humidor is “an airtight container for keeping cigars or tobacco moist.” Using that definition, any airtight container can be a humidor, Right? Just pull out that “vintage” piece of tupperware your Mom gave you ages ago, and then you’ll be all set…probably not!

A Humidor is not just any airtight container. Its basic construction supports a humidity level essential for cigars. Cigars are finicky when it comes to heat and humidity. This is because tobacco leaves naturally expand and contract depending on? You guessed it…Humidity. . ☺️ Without a Humidor that cigar you just bought will only last 3 days.

No problem, you say, I’ll stick it in the freezer, just like my Mom did with her cigarettes. That will keep it fresh. Please Don't Do That Because....

Freezer = Destroyed Cigars

Freezers don’t have humidity but they will draw moisture out of anything stored in it. So the cigar you put into your trusty freezer dries out. Cigars losing moisture, shrivel up and the aroma and flavor all but disappears. But aren't the aroma and flavor reasons why you bought the cigar in the first place?

What about the refrigerator? Can’t I store it there? Refrigerators are filled with different odors…if you put your cigar there, it could smell and taste like that garlic pasta you had last night. This is only one of the drawbacks, refrigerators also have a relatively high humidity. Again, not a good thing for that cigar. If you thought the loss of aroma and flavor were bad, mold and an infestation of tobacco beetles could happen. Nix the fridge…

Need help trying to figure out how to store your cigars. We Can Help You!

Think about Goldilocks and the Three Bears…Papa Bear (fridge) has too much moisture…Mama Bear (freezer) is too dry…but Baby Bear (Humidor)…Ideal, it’s just right! With a Cigar Humidor your cigars stay plump, moist and fresh and will only mellow and age with time. Spanish cedar lining…a fragrant wood that could add some personality to that cigar is a must …it doesn’t crack even though the cigar itself continually expanding and contracting. As an extra bonus... It also repels insects and defends the contents from decay!

So what are you waiting for? Look at our top 5 humidors and buy one today, or for your special someone. You won't regret it!

The Mid Century Humidor holds up to 120 Cigars 

The Executive Humidor hold 75-100 Cigars

The Presidential Humidor holds up to 75 cigars & comes with matching ashtray, 2 cigar holder case & a cutter 

The Leather Book Humidor holds 5-10 cigars & you can put it on a book shelf

Classic Humidor holds 25-50 cigars

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