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7 Tips & Tricks for Gift Wrapping This Christmas

It's a magical moment, watching the people you love unwrap the gifts that you so carefully picked out for them. So why not step up your gift wrapping game by making sure you have beautifully wrapped gifts sitting under the tree, waiting for them?

Luckily, there are 7 easy tips and tricks that can help anyone grow in their gift wrapping skills.

1. Wrap Diagonally

     The easiest way to ensure that your wrapping comes out perfectly, and without running out of paper, is to wrap your gifts diagonally. You'll also have less wrapping paper left over on the edges, to help make the gift look less bulky when you're finished.

2. Add Candy Decoration

     Did you know that if you tie a bag of Skittles or M&M's in the center, then wrap it with ribbon around your gift, it looks like a candy bow? You can also decorate a plan gift wrapping box with Hershey's Kisses to make a Christmas tree, or Christmas wreath, as well as tie classic Candy Canes into the ribbons on the outside!

3. Attach Fresh Greenery

     Wrapping a fresh sprig of pine into the ribbon around your gift can add a beautiful natural touch to your gifts, but also add a great holiday scent to your home! Use a more neutral wrapping paper with the pine sprig and some red ribbon, and you have a classic gift that's sure to impress!

4. Use Uncommon Wrapping Paper

     If you're tired of seeing the same old designs on wrapping paper year after year, mix it up! Use paper grocery bags, the Sunday funnies from the newspaper, aluminum foil, or even vintage maps you don't use anymore to wrap your unique gifts! Reusing these items makes your gifting more environmentally friendly too!

5. Attach Photos Instead of Gift Tags

     You've been saving all those old childhoods photos for a reason! Make copies of some of your favorites, and attach them to the gift with ribbon by using a hole punch in the corner of the photo. Give great gifts and have a fun laugh at your favorite memories!

6. Decorate with Double Sided Tape and Confetti

     If you have a plain color wrapping paper, grab some fun confetti to decorate with! All you need to do is make a design with the double sided tape, then sprinkle the confetti onto the tape and press it down!

7. Create Your Own Wrapping Paper!

     A great way to create environmentally friendly wrapping paper, but add your own fun flair to it, is to combine recyclable brown paper mesh with your favorite tissue paper color, and wrap the gifts with the beautiful color shining through the brown mesh below. This is a great way to wrap circular gifts, like bottles of wine, or smaller gifts with less effort!

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