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9 Interesting Facts About Labor Day

Labor Day
Monday, September 5th 
Can’t Wait to Celebrate
The 3 Day Weekend!!!!
Before You Do…Read These 9 Facts About Labor Day
#1.  In 1882 the 1st Labor Day/Labor Day Parade took place in New York City, it was actually a STRIKE!    
a. Workers wanted to be treated fairly
b. Normal workday = 12 hours a day, 7 days a week
c. 8 hour workday didn’t pass until 1916
d. Still a Parade every year in New York City
#2. 1st State make it a holiday - Oregon 1887
#3. June 28, 1894 - became a Federal Holiday after a violent Pullman Railroad Strike in Chicago


#4. Always 1st Monday in September so workers can have a 3 Day Weekend

#5. 3rd most Popular Outdoor Cooking Holiday!

#6. One of the biggest holiday weekends for sales - retail employees are still laboring on “Labor Day” Remember this when you’re out shopping! Be Kind!

#7. “Unofficial” end of summer, hot dog season and barbecuing but beginning of NFL Season

#8. 2nd Most Dangerous Holiday Weekend on US Highways…Take Your Time and Be Careful!!

#9. Wearing White? After Labor Day - this was a rule to separate the rich people… SO GO AHEAD…RULES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN!!

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