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Adopt A Maple Tree!

Kustom Products Inc. is at it again, we have just “Adopted a Maple Tree.”

This program is part of Kettle Ridge Farm, a family owned working farm on 70 rugged acres of woods where maple trees are tapped to bring us that golden elixir, namely pure maple syrup and they even produce wildflower honey from their own bee hives!!

By adopting a maple tree, Kustom Products Inc. has joined this small-farm company, which provides local, natural products. When Kustom Products Inc. adopted a maple tree they even gave us the GPS coordinates, so that we can find our tree…it is located at 43°00'47.0"N 77°27'49.3"W. 

How cool is that??

Amazing Things Kettle Ridge Farm Offers

Dinner Under the Moon 

“ intimate, farm-to-table, family-style dinner on the breathtaking grounds of Kettle Ridge Farm…showcase(s) the seasonal bounty of small artisanal farms…” in the area.

Igloos at Night

“ evening at the farm in one of our four cozy igloos among the maple trees of Kettle Ridge Farm. “ The 2.5 hour igloo rental comes with a Charcuterie board,  Salty bread pizzas and a sapling sampler, a maple-themed dessert board.

Save The Bees, Please

“...raise awareness of the plight of bees, increase populations of native, pollinator friendly plants…”

Sugar Maple Tapping Demonstrations

Great Products for Sale

Pure Maple Syrup - some infused with coffee and others aged in Bourbon Barrels!

Raw Wildflower Honey

Clothes and Hats

This is part of Kustom Product Inc’s continuing mission to give back to communities, as well as, and very importantly, Mother Earth. 

As you probably know, for each order placed Kustom Product Inc. plants a tree with OneTreePlanted, and are part of the "1% for the Planet" community.  With the help of 'One Tree Planted', we are able to plant a tree for every order placed and help re-forest the planet! As a 1% Member, we vow to donate at least 1% of gross sales each year to charities and non-profits which help restore our planet.

So, as Fall steadily approaches, we are reminded of the cold crisp air, the beautiful changing color of leaves and the rustle of them under our feet. Those leaves and the memories associated with them are always at risk as parts of our planet are being cleared of forested land to make space for construction and agriculture. 

Join Kustom Products Inc. in doing your part to help preserve our forests and their trees.

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