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Benefits of Using a Reusable Mug


Benefits of Using a Reusable Mug

 As a fellow coffee drinker, it’s guaranteed that you consume coffee every single day. When you stop by your favorite coffee shop every day, that’s at least 7 cups being wasted every single week. Which is over 300 cups annually. So what’s keeping you from using a thermal mug that you can bring from home for all of your coffee needs? Kustom Products has a variety of colors and sizes of thermal mugs to fit your taste in coffee, and you can personalize what you want your mug to say to make a statement! 

Here are our four favorite reasons to switch over to reusable mugs!


  1. Environmentally Friendly: If you’re thinking about stepping up your game to help save the environment, then this is a great next step! Most paper cups have a wax lining to keep your coffee hot or prevent it from dissolving too much, and because of this, most paper cups cannot be recycled!

  2. Heat Retention: Reusable thermal mugs are able to keep your coffee hot for several hours, even if most of the time you don’t need it because of the speed in which you consume your coffee. Insulated mugs especially come in handy in the cold winter months!

  3. Convenient: Using a thermal mug will not only keep your coffee nice and hot but it will also help prevent spills at unwanted times! Fill your mug with your favorite blend and forget your fears about stained clothing!

  4. Budget Friendly: When you brew your own coffee at home, you’re saving a large amount of money each year just in switching to a thermal mug! You can then use this money to do bigger and better things, even help the environment more!


About Kustom Products Inc:

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