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Beginner’s Guide to Whiskey… or is it Whisky?
As vast as the world of wine can be, the world of whiskey’s and scotches can be just as
intimidating. And now that you’ve purchased your own personalized decanter, it’s time to fill her
up with your first liquor. But how do you know what you’ll like, or what you should choose?
Read through the different types of whiskies below to see what you might want to fill your
crystal decanter up with first! Or, if you’re an experienced whiskey drinker, perhaps we’ll inspire
you to break free and try something new!

Bourbon’s are American-made whiskeys and tend to be much younger than scotches, though that
does not make them inferior. In order to be called Bourbon, the whiskey must be made in
America and made from 51% corn. So, your bourbon can be a whiskey, but not all whiskies can
be bourbons. A bourbon is generally sweeter, with vanilla flavors, and very smooth. So if you’re
not ready to jump right into the scotches, bourbon is a great first step! Try Wild Turkey 101 for a
well balanced, toffee flavor bourbon, or Maker’s Mark for flavors of vanilla and caramel.

American whiskies encompass bourbon, rye, malt, and blended whiskies all made in
America.  The most well-known American whiskies tend to come from Tennessee and
Kentucky, though more have been popping up all across the country in recent years. The two
most popular styles are Bourbon (above) and Rye Whiskey, which features a spicier and fruitier
flavor than its Bourbon counterpart. Our suggestions for trying out an American Rye Whiskey
for the first time would be either Bulleit Rye at 95% rye with richer fruit on the nose and a citrus
and oak taste, or Whistlepig Straight Rye at 100% rye with baking spices and waves of vanilla
and fruity caramel.

Though Irish Whiskey is most well known for Jameson, this category of Whiskey has grown
significantly in recent years and developed some very interesting personality profiles. While
Jameson and other blended Irish Whiskies, such as Tullamore Dew and Bushmills, are still very
popular, the category of Single Malt Irish Whiskies has made its place in the Whiskey world
very well known. If you want to venture into Irish Whiskies, we’d recommend starting with the
Single Malt whiskies such as Redbreast 12Yr, which is clean and spicy with some sherry and
toffee on the backend, or the Kavanagh Single Malt, with a fruity bouquet and delicate finish.

Canadian whisky is a whisky made in, you guessed it- Canada.  Canadian whiskies tend to be
multi-grain liquors with a wide range of variety, but have recently ventured more into the world
of Rye. Their regulations on creating whisky in Canada is less strict than in other countries, and
most whiskies from the Canadian region are considered lighter and smoother than their
competitors. Though you might be familiar with Crown Royal and Canadian Club, we’d
recommend starting out with Dillon’s Rye Whisky, which has a bit of spice with some liquorice

Scottish whiskey can be broken down into categories based on where the whisky comes from:
Islay, Speyside, and Lowlands. Big powerful scotches like Laphroaig and Ardberg come out of
Islay, while the Lowlands has been producing gentler, lovely whiskies closer almost to Irish
Whiskey. If you are taking your first steps into Scotch, consider beginning with the Lowlands- a
Scotch like Bladnoch 10Yr will be sweeter with notes of vanilla, orange and coconut tickling
your tastebuds.

Last but not least is the new kid on the block who has taken the whisky world by storm- Japanese
Whiskey. While the Japanese may have been producing whisky longer than we may realize, it
has been recently taking over the shelves in America. Their goal to learn about Scotch whiskey
and produce it just as well as the Scots do has turned out impossibly good and they now have
crafted their own style. A great fruity, drinkable Japanese whisky to begin with is Hibiki 12Yr-
 creamy, fruity, and very well balanced.
No matter where you decide to begin your journey into whiskey, you can rest assured that your
first bottle will not be your last bottle. With each new sampling, you’re going to develop your
taste and discover more about what you like and don’t like. Be sure to share with family and
friends as you decant more bottles in your crystal decanter, or start your own Whiskey club and
try something new every month!

If you are still unsure where to begin, feel free to reach out to one of our Concierge Gift
Strategists who will work with you to pinpoint your likes and dislikes and put you on the right
path to filling your new decanter with a Whiskey that you’re sure to love. We can work with
third party vendors to find the perfect Whiskey for you so you can enjoy your new crystal
decanter to its fullest!


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