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Engraved Pocket Knife-Six More Ways You Can Use Your Pocket Knife!

Six More Ways You Can Use Your Pocket Knife!

The pocket knife is an iconic tool carried by men and women from every sort of background. Its functionality is endless, and for this reason alone, it is one of the most popular tools available.

With Fall being the perfect time for the wedding season and the holidays coming upon us quickly, our selection of pocket knives are sure to win over the hearts of your groomsmen or gift recipient with their infinite uses.

“But I really just use knives for opening boxes…”

There is so much more you could be doing with your own customized pocket knife! Here are six more ways having a pocket knife on hand is ridiculously useful:

  1. 1.      Cutting Fruit

Think of that old, weathered man sitting on his porch peeling away at an apple in one long slice… that could be you! Eating sliced fruit that you cut yourself with your own pocket knife is so much more gratifying than buying presliced fruit from the store.

  1. 2.      Whittling

Maybe you want to bring back the old art of whittling away at a piece of wood with your bare hands. You can make a gift for friends and family, or just spend the time contemplating life.

  1. 3.      Making Kindle for a Fire

You’re out camping with a few friends and need to build a fire. Having a fire to keep warm, especially in colder months, is essential. But it’s pretty hard to make a fire without kindling the wood, and it’s pretty hard to kindle without a knife.

  1. 4.      Getting a Knot Out of Rope

If you have a knotted piece of rope that you are trying to preserve without cutting through, a knife will help get the rope straight again. Use the blade to open it up enough for you to be able to do the rest.

  1. 5.      Getting Gum Out of the Carpet

Don’t fret about the gum that was stuck to your shoe that is now glued down to your carpet. Shave off the part of the carpet with the gum and you’re good to go!

  1. 6.      First Aid

From cutting bandages to tourniquets, you never know when you might need a knife to assist in some first aid. And if someone were to get hurt while you’re outdoors, it can also be used to carve messages to other parties along the path. Though let’s hope it never comes to that.


See, you just never know how many ways a pocket knife will be of use to you! And this is just a few- there are literally hundreds of ways that a knife can be useful and even potentially save a life!

If you’re considering gifts for your wedding party or loved ones, look through our selection of pocket knives at Kustom Products. You’ll be able to give them the gift they’ll love but also use day in and day out.

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