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Family Recipe Cutting Boards – The Perfect Gift for Any Season

It always seems like it’s far away, but before you know it, it’ll be holiday season again. That doesn’t mean you can’t start looking around now to make sure you pick out the perfect gift for the home cook on your list. 

Buying gifts can be a mixed bag. Some people are difficult to shop for because it’s hard to come up with ideas for gifts they’ll love. Other people may be a joy to shop for, but there are simply too many gift ideas to choose from.

People who love being in the kitchen fall into that latter category.

The huge number of kitchen gadgets and accessories also equal a huge number of options to choose from. In many cases, there may be too many options for a gift giver. It can get overwhelming.

However, the perfect gift may be just within your grasp.

No matter what you make in the kitchen, odds are that you’ll need a good cutting board to help you prepare it. That’s why a personalized bamboo recipe cutting board is such a great gift. Not only is it useful for day-to-day activities, it’s also a thoughtful way to personalize this basic kitchen tool.

The List

You’re still not convinced that a cutting board makes the perfect gift? Take a look at the reasons below. Find out why this recipe cutting board is a practical, useful, and safe gift option for every home cook.

Reason #1 – Multiple Uses

A cutting board’s main use is to be a surface to safely cut things on, right? But there are far more uses for a good cutting board than its basic utility.

Built-In Cheese Platter/Serving Dish

Why use a separate serving dish for crudités or wedges of cheese? A nice wooden cutting board makes a good background for appetizers or a quick snack. Enjoy the rustic charm of sliced bread and cheese on a wooden board.

Display Piece

Kitchen tools are usually hidden away in cabinets and drawers. But a beautiful wood board doesn’t deserve to stay hidden. Especially not when it’s showcasing your grandma’s infamous Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. When it’s not in use, lean it up against the wall as a decorative accessory.

Safe Surface for Hot Dishes

Can’t find the trivets for your hot dishes? No problem! 

Use a wooden cutting board instead. Or set it on the dining table to protect the surface from hot cookware.

Reason #2 – Personalization Options

Plastic and glass cutting boards may be the norm these days. But they don’t offer the personalization options that this cutting board does.

Engrave the recipient’s family recipe on one side of the board, in the original recipe handwriting, for a sentimental and useful gift that they will be sure to cherish.

It’s a great representation of their love for cooking – and could turn into an heirloom piece that they can pass down in the family.

Reason #3 – Easier to Clean

Wood cutting boards are easier to keep clean and limit the chances of cross-contamination.

The popular belief is that plastic cutting boards, with their non-porous surfaces, are the safest in this regard. The problem with that idea is knife scarring. The more you use a plastic cutting board, the more you cut into its surface. These cuts can harbor fungus and bacteria.

Of course, you can replace your plastic cutting boards regularly. But that’s not necessarily economical.

Instead, consider giving a wooden cutting board to the home cook in your life.

Not only are they relatively easy to clean and maintain, they’re also incredibly durable. With proper care, wooden cutting boards can last for years.

What about knife scarring on wooden cutting boards?

You can’t really prevent that. Wood collects nicks and cuts with use over time. But thanks to wood’s natural properties, those nicks close up a little by themselves. You can also sand or scrape off the cuts to reveal a new surface. Try doing that with a plastic board!

Reason #4 – May Kill Bacteria

Cleanliness is a major issue in any kitchen. Many people believe that plastic cutting boards are best able to combat contamination. That they help prevent harmful bacteria from spreading in the kitchen and onto prepared food. Plastic is a non-porous material, so it would seem like a fair assumption.

However, tying back to the previous point, plastic cutting boards collect cuts and knife scars when used. Rough surfaces left by these scars are hard to clean. Even bleach and a dishwasher can’t get rid of all the bacteria. These openings can harbor and spread bacteria onto other food.

Wood boards, on the other hand, can halt bacterial growth and may even kill it.

The University of Wisconsin did a study on bacteria known to cause food poisoning. They tested Listeria, Salmonella, and E. coli. The researchers placed each species of bacteria on cutting boards of different materials.

The study used seven different tree species and four types of plastic. They found that wood consistently outperformed plastic. In fact, 99.9% of the bacteria on the wood boards died within three minutes.

On the other hand, all of the bacteria survived on the plastic boards. Not only that, but the data showed that the number of bacteria actually increased on plastic cutting boards.

A separate study revealed similar results. In the write-up, people who used a wooden cutting board at home were less than half as likely to get salmonellosis. This means that those who used synthetic boards were twice as likely to contract it.

How so?

In the simplest terms, bacteria need water to grow. Wood boards bind up that water. And one of the natural properties of wood is antimicrobial. Plastic and glass boards don’t have these natural benefits.

Reason #5 – Better for Knives

Finally, anyone who uses their kitchen regularly knows that good knives are expensive to replace – and using the wrong cutting surface dulls the blades. Dull blades can lead to serious accidents in the kitchen.

On the other hand, wooden cutting boards are strong enough and durable enough to withstand daily knife abuse. Even better, the boards don’t abuse your knives in return!

Just remember to keep your knives sharp. Dull knives mean you have to press harder into the cutting board. That added pressure can mark up your board prematurely.

Get on Board with the Perfect Kitchen Accessory

Cutting boards are a kitchen necessity. Whether your recipient is an amateur gourmet or a cooking minimalist, they’re sure to have a couple in the kitchen. But they probably don’t have a top-quality Family Recipe Cutting Board in their cooking arsenal.

Beyond the usual function, your gift recipient can use their cutting board in other ways. From showpiece to extra counter space to family heirloom, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Using a wooden cutting board is also a safer option for the recipient’s kitchen. It can minimize bacterial contamination and help keep them safe.

Wooden cutting boards come in a variety of options. Buy a small one to double as a cheese plate. Or choose a larger one to prep bigger foods.

Turn a traditional kitchen tool into an elegant gift with a cherished recipe from your family. 

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