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Father's Day Gifts to Avoid

A Father’s Day to Forget – 8 Stories of Gifts That Didn’t Hit the Mark

To get a memorable gift for Father’s Day, you might want to start with knowing what not to get. Here are 8 examples of Father’s Day gifts to forget.

Dads might not admit it, but they also wonder if they’ll be receiving a cool gift for Father’s Day. After all, this is an opportunity for sons and daughters to show their father how much he means to them and people express their love through gifts.

Nowadays, gifting is not just limited to sons and daughters or the wife. It’s no longer unheard of for a business to celebrate Father’s Day, and they do that by getting gifts for employees and clients who are already fathers.

Even if he doesn’t receive the most ideal gift, a father will probably still appreciate it. But get him the right gift and he’ll cherish it forever. 

However, there are people who get the whole idea of Father’s Day gifting wrong.

Although getting a disappointing gift isn’t that common, a bad Father’s Day gift can completely ruin the day for everyone involved. Learning about bad Father’s Day gift stories that didn’t hit the mark can help you to avoid making a mistake of your own. What follows is a series of awkward father’s day gift stories that you may or may not find all too familiar.


The Stories

Getting a gift for someone is never easy. Whatever the occasion, you don’t want to buy something generic, but you don’t want to be irrelevant either. Whatever you do, you’ll want to avoid the following situations.


Generic Stuff

Everyone who has ever bought generic paraphernalia for use as gifts would know. You don’t go to a gift shop and think, “Oh, this ‘best dad’ mug is so original.” People buy generic gifts because they are lazy to plan things through and set aside some time for shopping.

This also goes for things such as stubby holders, bottle openers, medals, e-cards, and all the like. Oh, and shirts with lame dad puns probably won’t work either.

Instead, get Dad something that they’ll actually like. It’s much better to go out on a limb than to get something very forgettable.


Wrong Gifts

Wrong gifts happen if people make assumptions. 

For example, someone saw his father using an actual scythe to “mow” the lawn and went ahead and got his father a lawnmower for Father’s Day. As it turned out, the father preferred using a scythe because it’s a workout for him. 

If you’re not sure about something, it’s always better to ask. Sure, it’ll ruin the surprise, but that’s much better than giving the wrong gift.

This is why gift cards exist. Anyone can get a gift card at the major stores, online and offline. With a gift card, you won’t ruin the surprise or the gift, and if nothing else, you know they'll get exactly what they wanted.


Singing Trout

Let’s be very specific with this one- you may know that famous fish that sings Al Green’s "Take Me to the River". Yeah, the one where the fish awkwardly opens its mouth when the chorus comes on. That’s one of the most horrible gifts that someone can get for Father’s Day. 

Even if a father loves fishing, the singing trout gift is just obnoxious. If someone suggests it ironically as a prank, the joke is getting old. It’s more embarrassing than anything.

And for a father who’s really into fishing, it’d be a much better idea to buy him a fishing trip. Choose a location and go with him on that cool trip that you know he’s going to love. 


Personal Hygiene

Some women are into personal hygiene gifts. Others not so much. We’re not here to talk about that, but rather the bad idea of buying a personal hygiene gift for Father's Day.

As a rule of thumb, men simply aren’t that stoked about personal hygiene products. Sure, most men take care of their personal hygiene, but this is where it ends.

Not to mention the fact that a father may perceive a personal hygiene gift as an insult.

So, personal hygiene products are out. What to get him instead? Basically anything but. A helicopter ride, a record player, a ride in his favorite car. Just don’t get him any soap, shampoo, or something perfumy.


A Greeting Card

A generic Father’s Day greeting card isn’t the most wholesome thing anyone can get for their dad. Even if they were to put money in it. 

Be creative here. Come up with a cool drawing and put it on a piece of paper. Then, go on YouTube and check out a DIY greeting card tutorial. A father will appreciate this much more and it will make the gift that much more special when he sees it's homemade.


A BBQ Apron

If there’s a generic father stereotype, it’s the dad BBQ apron. We’re talking “Kiss the Chef,” “The Grillfather,” “King of the Grill,” and so on. These are all uninspired choices for a Father’s Day gift. First of all, a Dad who likes grilling probably already owns such an apron. Second of all, it’s a typical eye-rolling gift.

Rather than the apron, how about an actual barbecue grill? Or a great pair of tools to go with it? Get something relevant to his barbecuing passion that will make him say “whoa” when he sees it.


A Potty Putter

This never has been, and never will be, a good gift idea for any occasion, especially Father’s Day. Think about what the gift giver is implying with this gift. Is the father so bad at golf that he’d better practice everywhere, even in the bathroom? 

Instead, aim for something that will evoke respect. For instance, a gunmetal cigar lighter with his name on it, or a pair of pint glasses customized just for him to break out when his friends come by.


Useless Gadget

Sure, everybody will have a few laughs with that funny gadget. We get it, you put money on it and the cat peeks out, grabs it, and hides. It was funny the first five times. Consider whether anything like this is an appropriate Father’s Day gift. Is it for the father or just for laughs? Will he even use it?

Instead of getting him a useless gadget, get him something that he’ll actually use. Even if Dad isn't a professional outdoorsman, a tactical knife or multipurpose knife would serve him in a variety of ways in his own garage.


Put Some Thought into It

When buying a gift, a Father will notice if you’d put some thought into it, even if you’re just buying a gift for your fatherly employee or client. A generic gift is something that takes no more than 10 minutes to find.

For Father’s Day, the recipient should feel special and appreciated. Father’s Day is a tribute to dads all over the world. Be the one who shows respect and gratitude.


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