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Giving Personalized Gifts Is Easier Than Ever

Giving Personalized Gifts Is Easier Than Ever

Are you looking to give somebody a gift they’ll cherish forever? Personalization makes it easier than ever before.

What’s the best part of giving somebody a gift?

Perhaps it’s the feeling of satisfaction you get when you know you’ve found something they’ll really love. Or maybe it’s the smile on the recipient's face and their words of thanks.

If you could bottle those feelings and sell them, you’d make millions.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find the perfect gift. With so many events, including: Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Holidays, it can be easy to run out of ideas, which can make gift-giving seem harder than it really is. But there’s something you can do to make any gift super-special.


Handmade Gifts (And the Problems with Them)

The more personal you make a gift, the more the recipient will appreciate it.

And this may lead you down the road of handcrafting a gift. There’s no denying that something you’ve made yourself holds more meaning than something you can buy in a store. You’ve put time and effort into the gift, so you know the recipient will appreciate it.

But there are a few problems with handcrafted gifts.

First, they require a great deal of creativity. If you’re not an artistic person, you might struggle to come up with ideas. If you’re not much for arts and crafts, you may not have a clue how to put any idea you do have into practice.

What should have been a great experience can turn into an exercise in frustration.

Second, you have the intimacy issue to consider. A handcrafted gift may be ideal for a partner or family member.

But what about an acquaintance? Or that friend you’ve known for a while but who isn’t close enough to consider you as family?

And if you’re in the corporate world, what about the clients you want to give gifts to?

In those cases, the handcrafted route offers a little too much intimacy. The recipient may wonder why you’ve put so much into the gift when they feel the relationship doesn’t warrant it.

Now, that doesn’t mean personalization goes out of the window for these people.

It just means you need a slightly different approach.

But before we get to that, we need to look at why personalized gifts are so special in the first place.

What Makes Personalized Gifts So Special?

There are plenty of reasons to personalize a gift.

Here are a few that may convince you to go down this route.


Reason #1 – Personalization Is Easier Than Ever Before

Before the internet, you had to go through a lot of effort if you wanted a personalized gift. If you wanted something engraved, you might spend ages trying to find a store that offered the service.

And when you did, you’d still have to source the gift itself before they could get to work.

Now, you can find stores online, such as Kustom Products, that offer the gifts and the personalization in one place.


Reason #2 – They Show You Care

Imagine you have a loyal client you want to show some appreciation to.

You could send them a bunch of branded merchandise. But they’re going to accept those gifts for what they are – promotional merchandise you probably have tons of.

Personalizing a gift shows you’ve put real thought and effort into it. For clients, that goes a long way towards engaging them with you and your brand.


 Reason #3 – They Build Stronger Connections

Showing somebody you care makes them feel more connected to you. It shows that you listen when they talk and take an active interest in making them feel happy.

In your personal life, these gifts can strengthen bonds and take relationships to another level. In business, these stronger connections can lead to repeat customers and referrals from clients.


Reason #4 – They Suit Any Occasion

It doesn’t matter if it’s a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or any other occasion.

A personalized gift will always fit the bill. You don’t have to worry about buying the wrong thing at the wrong time. The recipient will appreciate the gift for what it is – a heartfelt display of how much you care for them.

Other Ways to Personalize Gifts

So, we’ve talked about some of the issues that can arise when you try to handcraft your gifts.

That means you need to find other ways to personalize.

Here are a couple of ideas that may help you.


Idea #1 – Monogramming

Imagine you’ve received a pair of champagne flutes.

One is just a flute you could buy in any old store. It’s certainly useful. But you have no connection to it outside of being able to use it for drinking sparkling wine.

The other has your initials monogrammed onto the glass.

Which will you feel a deeper connection to? Of course, it’s the monogrammed flute. That’s because it’s personalized to you. Somebody has gone to the effort of making this your champagne flute rather than just a champagne flute.

Monogramming adds a personal touch to any gift. 


Idea #2 – Know What They Love

Loved ones, friends, and even clients drop constant hints about the things they love.

Think back to the last conversation you had with the person you’re buying a gift for. What topics did you cover? Maybe they told you that they enjoy a cigar every night. Perhaps they mentioned how they love sharing a glass of bourbon with a loved one.

These are all clues that can help you to choose a personalized gift.

The person who loves cigars would love a humidor. Getting it monogrammed will make it even more personal.

For the person who enjoys a glass of bourbon… just look at the champagne flute idea.


You Don’t Have to Spend Hours Crafting

The big mistake people make with personalized gifts is that they think they have to make them.

You don’t.

Companies like Kustom Products can handle the hard work for you. We have the perfect products to showcase this personalization in action:

It’s our recipe board, engraved with your loved one’s handwriting. 

This item recently appeared on The Social and the presenters fell in love with it.


In their own words:

“I think that’s perfect for any mom. You want to tug at the heartstrings but you also want something that’s useful.”

“<Kustom Products> take photographs of your family recipes… and they etch them by hand onto these beautiful cutting boards so you can keep this as a family heirloom hanging up in your kitchen.”

And they’re not the only ones raving about it.

Here’s what one of our customers had to say about their recipe board:

“This special gift brought tears to my eyes. Immortalizing my grandmother’s recipe in a cutting board is such a special gift that Kustom Products made possible and super easy!”


Go Kustom to Go Personal

Giving personalized gifts is easier than it’s ever been.

You don’t have to make it by hand. You don’t have to spend hours looking for an engraver, either.

With the help of Kustom Products, you get everything you need in one place. We supply the items and the personalization services needed to make the gift more special.

Our recipe boards are just one example. Check them out and then feel free to browse our website to find the perfect gift.

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