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Happy New Years Eve!

Happy New Years Eve!


Here are Kustom Products, we’re excited to start out 2019 right! We had an absolutely amazing 2018 thanks to all of you, our staff, and the incredible dedication of our badass owner, Kustom Product’s one and only, Kate McNeeley!


Seeing as how it’s customary to create a list of Resolutions to ring in the New Year, the staff have all come up with a combined list of Resolutions.

  1. Start with doing all of last year’s New Year’s Resolutions, which were also the previous year’s resolutions, cause we ain’t no quitters!

  2. Avoid employing our strikingly-decent impressions of Mickey Mouse when answering customer phone calls.  

  3. Make better bad decisions related to food, binge watching Netflix TV shows until 3am, and hilarious eye roll-inducing puns.

  4. Exercise (my right to eat) more (tac0s).

  5. Be more awesome than last year!

The New Year is a great time to be thankful for family and friends and spend time celebrating life with those closest to you. From all of us here at Kustom Products to all of you and your loved ones, we hope you have a safe (yet slightly crazy) and fun New Year’s Eve with a great morning after spent hungover, watching the Rose Bowl Parade and eating mounds of pancakes.


See you next year!

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