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Housewarming Gift Giving Etiquette

Housewarming Gift Giving Etiquette

Moving into a new home is an impressive feat, and an even more remarkable challenge is making the new home feel like your own. Housewarming gifts provide the perfect amount of assistance in personalizing and styling any space.

If a loved one has recently moved into a new house or apartment, you may have a lot questions regarding housewarming gifts. Do I need to give a gift? How much should I spend? What kind of gift is appropriate? Kustom Products covers those questions and more in this housewarming gift giving etiquette guide.

Whether To Get A Gift

If you’re invited to a housewarming party, it’s good practice to show up with a gift for the host. If your friend or family has moved into a new abode and there’s no party, it may feel a bit more ambiguous as to whether you should even get a gift. You can always show your excitement for their endeavors with a small gift, but don’t feel obliged.

When Choosing a Gift

Once you’ve decided that a housewarming gift is the way to go, consider these do’s and don’ts of gifting.


Some gifts are a touch more impersonal than others. Resort to these gifts last as housewarming offers.

  • A bottle of wine or liquor—A nice bottle of wine or booze can make a great addition to a housewarming gift—but it shouldn’t stand alone. People have specific tastes when it comes to wine and liquor, making them a risky purchase if you’re not absolutely sure they like the brand you got them.
  • Art—Just like people have varying taste in drinks, they have varying taste in art. Avoid buying home décor for the new homeowner. They’ll select pieces for the home that best suit the aesthetic they’re going for.
  • Gag gifts—They’re great for a laugh, but gag gifts are ultimately not an appropriate housewarming gift. Most gag gifts can’t be utilized in the home and will probably end up taking up more space than it is worth.


For all the gifts that don’t go over well, there are gifts that knock it out of the park. See which items Kustom Products believes to be housewarming gift hits. Don’t forget to throw in a thoughtful card, too!

  • Personalize home goods—Personalized items show an extra layer of thought put into the gift. We have a copious selection of engraved housewarming gifts you can customize per the new homeowner’s liking.
  • Highly usable items—Some gifts never go to waste. Blankets can liven up any room with a splash or color and offer warmth, while candles or incense provide a pleasing aroma around the new home.
  • Relaxation sets—Moving is a stressful event. Give your family or friend the opportunity to relax with a spa kit or relaxation set.

When looking for the perfect gift for the new homeowner in your life, turn to Kustom Products. With our housewarming gift giving etiquette guide and expansive online catalog, you're sure to find something that perfectly suits anyone’s home.

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