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How Do You Like Your Moscow Mule?

How Do You Like Your Moscow Mule?

Ahh yes, the Moscow Mule- a simple but true classic in the cocktail world. Three easy ingredients to make one refreshing drink: vodka, ginger beer, lime. Doesn’t get better than that. Or does it?

If you’re like some of the Moscow Mule drinkers out there, maybe you’re getting tired of the same old cocktail. You’ve tried making the ginger beer a bit spicier. You’ve tried it with ginger ale instead of ginger beer. You’ve tried freshly squeezed lime juice instead of that “green lime” juice you buy in the produce section. And still, nothing is really doing it for you anymore.

Thankfully, mixologists have created new and interesting ways to enjoy your classic cocktail with a new flair of excitement! Read below for our favorite new Moscow Mule versions, and then purchase your own custom engraved Moscow Mule Mugs and Cocktail Shaker to give your own recipes a try! Don’t forget to buy extra Mugs for your friends, because you know as soon as they hear you’re trying out new amazing recipes, they’re going to want to join in on the fun!

  1. 1.      Spicy Mule: This variation is great for those hot days in the sun, or for warming up in the dead of winter! The Spicy Mule takes the classic recipe and adds sliced jalapeno peppers and orange liqueur to the mix! Now your cocktail has a bit of a kick and is a great drink for your friends who love a good spicy challenge!
  2. 2.      Garden Mule: The Garden Mule is a favorite amongst the ladies, and adds blueberries, cucumber, and mint to the already superb original recipe. Garnish this cocktail with candied ginger and blueberries for a sweet finish!
  3. 3.      Lavender Mule: The Lavender Mule adds in elderflower syrup and lavender syrup to the original recipe. This snazzy cocktail adds a great floral note to the spiced ginger, and is worth creating the syrups for.
  4. 4.      Glasgow Mule: This Mule favorite uses blended scotch, St. Germain, lemon juice, bitters, and ginger beer to the mix. The St. Germain tones down the ginger to smooth out the cocktail, and the blended scotch add a great oaky flavor you don’t see in the original recipes!


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