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How To Choose the Best Gifts for Someone

How To Choose the Best Gifts for Someone

Gift-giving is a popular tradition for expressing our love, thanks, condolences, and even that we’re sorry. Regardless of the occasion, the need to find the perfect gift remains. If you are entangled in what seems like a hassle of a gift search, discover how to choose the best gifts for someone with this complete guide from Kustom Products.

Do Your Research

If the person you are buying for is on social media, use that to your advantage. You can snoop through their socials to see if they have indicated wanting a certain gift. If they have any of the following profiles, you may be in luck.

  • Pinterest: Pinterest is essentially a collage board of their favorite things! Review their Pinterest board to see if any wish list items appear. This is also a good starting point to get the ball rolling if you are having a hard time brainstorming a gift idea.
  • Reddit: This forum website will show you what the person you are buying for has posted and commented on. The app now also has a marketplace, so check to see if they have built out a wishlist on there.
  • Facebook and Instagram: Both popular applications, Facebook and Instagram have story features that are popular for temporarily sharing posts and videos. Keep an eye on your friend’s feed to see if they share an item that would make a great gift.

If social media is not informative, reach out to the future gift recipient’s family and friends to ask what they would like. This ample research will streamline the hunt for the perfect gift.

Listen To Them

Tune into conversations with your friend. Do they mention an item they would love to have, but can’t bring themselves to buy? Something they need, but can’t quite afford? Need to replace broken or outdated equipment? Store these little pieces of conversation in memory to recall once it is time to select a gift.

A Gift To Relax

Given the past year, everyone could use a little less stress in their life. Give the gift of rest and relaxation with a gift certificate to a weekend away or massage therapy.

If you don’t have the budget, offer your assistance to make their life easier. Maybe that looks like watching their kids for a weekend or running to the grocery store for them. Whichever stress reducing method you choose, you are sure to make the recipient feel more at ease.

Consider Their Love Language

Love languages are the way we typically enjoy expressing and receiving affection. Your friend, family member, or significant other’s love language can say a lot about them, including what types of gifts they might prefer. How to choose the best gifts for someone will depend on their love language type.

Physical Touch

This love language is straightforward—these folks appreciate physical displays of affection. Gifts that are bound to suit their lifestyle would be:

  • A weighted blanket to simulate a warm hug and calm nerves.
  • A set of cozy pajamas for the TV and movie binge nights.
  • A massage for two gift certificate or coupon.


Someone with this love language will be tough to buy for, since it seems like they are always finessing the perfect gifts for others! Gift-giving people are likely to express their adoration for someone in the form of a present. Utilize a special occasion to demonstrate to this person how much you love them with:

  • A customized gift. Customization shows you put in an extra bout of time, thought, and effort into the gift. Custom gifts are great for an individual with the gift-giving love language because there are no other items identical to the one you present to them!
  • To supply them with extra gifts, provide one for each of their senses. Five different gifts, each perfectly spoiling that special someone.

Quality Time

Individuals who express love through quality time enjoy moments spent together. For quality time lovers, gifting an experience will absolutely be appreciated. You can:

  • Create an extravagant date night to display how meaningful they are to you.
  • Book a weekend getaway to spend ample quality time with one another.

Acts of Service

This type of love language is for folks who participate in helpful acts to represent their admiration for someone. Acts like cooking or cleaning for others may be how they express their care for others.

  • Consider taking care of their chores or errands.
  • Provide them with their favorite homemade dish.
  • Walk their dog for them or purchase a service to do so during the week.

Words of Affirmation

People with this love language appreciate sharing their emotions for someone with words of kindness. Affirming words and verbalized gratitude are their specialty. A gift they will enjoy can include:

  • A photo album of all the time spent together.
  • Jewelry or drinkware engraved with a kind, affirming phrase. Custom engraved products are the perfect ode to how unique the gift recipient is.
  • A journal or jar with notes that express your adoration for them in words.

Finding Bargains for the Fancy Friend

If the person you are buying for has a lot of pricey brands on their wishlist, doing some simple bargain hunting can make the gift-giving experience much less painful for your wallet.

Find Them a Useful Gift

Sometimes, practical gifts are the way to go! Help someone celebrate moving into a new place with a furnishing item or household appliance. Supply a new parent with ample diapers and baby accessories. Lifting the burden of buying a few necessities off a friend is a very considerate gift, particularly when they are overwhelmed.

Consider a Charitable Contribution

Help your pal fulfill their altruistic endeavors by making a sizable donation in their name. If there is an organization especially meaningful to them, volunteer your time together. Volunteering has plenty of wellbeing perks, so you are sure to reap the benefits of gifting your time, too.

Kustom Products highlights the importance of memorable and sentimental gifts. For useful gifts packed with meaning, peruse our inventory. Our dedication to minimizing waste is just another reason to feel confident in every one of our products.

How To Choose the Best Gifts for Someone

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