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Humidor Accessories: Thoughtful Gifts for a Cigar Aficionado

Smoking cigars isn’t a simple act. It’s an experience. Find out how personalized accessories can turn an experience into a celebration.

Cigar smoking is a long-standing tradition. For many, it’s the perfect way to unwind after a delicious meal. Or to bond with the guys on poker night.

We all know that one guy who always celebrates important news, such a new business venture or the birth of a child, with a cigar.

These connoisseurs know how to enjoy their smokes.

No one’s really sure where and when people started smoking cigars. But it’s been associated with times of victory for a long time.

Celebrities celebrate with cigars, too.

Famous basketball coach Red Auerbach smoked a cigar after each Boston Celtics win – and who can forget Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum enjoying a victory stogie in the movie Independence Day?

Whether they’re celebrating a win in the boardroom or the battlefield, men have marked the occasion by smoking. 

Over time, the act of smoking has become an occasion in itself… 

Imagine a sophisticated businessman who sits back in his plush office. His butter-soft leather chair creaks as he reaches over to his humidor. This man knows that this simple box keeps his prized possessions safe and perfectly aged.

As he takes out a cigar, he takes the time to study it and take in its unique aroma. He carefully cuts the tip with shiny cutters and lights it with a monogrammed lighter. Each movement is precise, almost ritualistic.

This gentleman is confident that his cigars come out of the humidor perfectly every time because he follows these simple rules:


First, it’s vital that your cigars get sufficient humidity. Many people think that the 70/70 rule for temperature and humidity is the best way to keep them. This rule states that the temperature should be 70°F and the relative humidity should be 70%.

This is broadly true in many cases. In practice, though, there are a few factors that go into finding the perfect humidity, including humidor size, humidifier type, and cigar type.


Also, the location is very important for keeping your cigars fresh. Not only do you need to rotate your cigars every four to six months, but you also have to stack them the right way. 

Cigar connoisseurs know you need to create airflow throughout the humidor. It’s best to offset each row instead of packing them together tightly.


Cigars are a lot more resilient than many people believe. When you buy a box, you don’t need to rush home to put it in your humidor as if it were a pint of ice cream. A sealed box can stay fresh for a week or two before losing moisture.

However, it’s a good idea to get it into a humidor as soon as possible. Or carry individual cigars in the right type of case.

Enjoying a good cigar isn’t about freshness alone, though. The right accessories are integral to the experience.

Top 4 Smoking Accessories for the Cigar Aficionado

Humidors are a standard accessory for any serious cigar lover. They’re necessary for keeping their stash fresh.

In addition, there are a few accessories that can make the experience even more special:

#1 Lighter

Cigars require tender, loving care to get started. You need to toast the foot and then light the filler before you can take your first satisfying inhalation. But you can’t just light your cigars with any type of flame.

Wooden matches may be the traditional way to light a cigar, but a butane lighter can also work well.

Choose from options like the Black Cigar Lighter from Kustom Products. This triple flame torch has an adjustable flame height and retractable built-in bullet cutter. Also, you can personalize it with a line of text and your choice of fonts.

Let your colleague or loved one relive their triumph by telling the story of how they received their special lighter. 

A smoker’s lighter is often very important to them. If you give them a special custom lighter it can be a prized possession and a great conversation piece. 

#2 Ashtray

An ashtray is just an ashtray, right?

Not if you’re serious about your cigars and the smoking experience. You’re going to need an appropriate ashtray to complement the experience.

Stubbing out a cigar isn’t like putting out a cigarette. You don’t just smash the tip into a non-flammable surface and walk away.

As any cigar aficionado worth his salt will know, extinguishing a cigar is a non-violent act. You simply let it go out by itself in a cigar ashtray. By nature, a cigar goes out on its own if you don’t puff on it every few minutes. 

This can mean that it sits in the ashtray for a long time. 

Why not end the smoking experience on a sweet note with a beautiful ashtray?

Kustom Products’ Cigar Ashtray has an elegant walnut finish, with stainless steel accessories. 

You know what’s best of all?

You can personalize it with up to 3 lines of text. Commemorate that special occasion by gifting an ashtray that lets the recipient relive his victory every time he smokes.

#3 Cigar Cutter

Cigar cutters are not all the same. The wrong cutters can unravel your cigars. Dull-bladed cutters may even damage your expensive beauties.

Ideally, you want cutters that are sharp, portable, and fit your cigar type.

Of course, you can always use your teeth Dirty Harry style. While that may look cool in the movies, you run the risk of unraveling the cigar wrapper. Plus, you’ll probably be picking tobacco out of your teeth for a while afterwards. 

Instead of wondering where the next cut is coming from, consider a fine trimmer like the Silver Cigar Cutter. This single cutter from Kustom Products is an elegant stainless steel guillotine-style cutter. It also has up to three lines available for custom text.

#4 Cigar Travel Case

Make sure the cigar lover in your life is always prepared for life’s little victories. Choose a leather travel cigar case that protects its precious cargo. He’ll be the talk of the golf course or the poker table when he pulls out this elegant case.

The one from Kustom Products keeps up to three cigars secure under a snap-lock closure. Your case should be big enough to hold a cigar cutter too. After all, there’s no smoking without a proper trimming. This black leather cigar case has a convenient pocket for a guillotine cutter.

A cigar travel case as a gift is incomplete unless it’s customizable. Going that extra mile is a thoughtful way to let the recipient know they’re special.

Accessorize the Smoking Experience

Once upon a time, Mark Twain began and ended his day with a good cigar. But you can bet he had the right accessories on hand.

The right lighter, ashtray, cutter, or travel case is a welcome addition to any cigar lover’s accouterments. Not only are these items a necessary part of the smoking experience, but the gift shows you put some thought into what the recipient would love.

Going the extra mile to have their gift customized shows how much you appreciate that person. They’ll be reminded of that every time they use it. A commemorative engraving also means they get to relive the celebratory moment every time they smoke a stogie.

Cigar accessories make great gifts for any smoking connoisseur in your life. Celebrate a new birth with the right accessory for friends and family. Or give a thoughtful victory gift to your clients and sales team.

Don’t forget to go the extra mile and customize your gift. Nothing makes a gift stand out more than taking the time to personalize it.

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