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Meet Thelma and Louise (Two Of Our Lasers)

Let me introduce you to Thelma and Louise, two of our Epilog Lasers. Thelma and Louise have been best friends 😊 since they came to work for us. We bought them at the same time, but from different people who didn’t want them anymore.... but now they are the best of friends!

We don't know what happened before they came to us, and they didn’t arrive at the same time. But they were brought together under our roof and have been inseparable since. They’re thriving and they seem happier than ever!


Thelma and Louise are smaller than our other lasers and sometimes that makes them feel insignificant. They shouldn’t feel that way but we all know it’s hard being the “new kid” on the block. They work hard and are trying their best to “fit in” with the others. “Fitting in” can have negative connotations and we try our best to make sure Thelma and Louise feel loved and believe they have a home with us, for as long as they want.

We have three other lasers that also work for us as well as a diamond drag which engraves metal! We have “Big Bertha” who’s named after the largest…”most-powerful mobile artillery pieces in use by any army…” during World War I. She’s a workhorse and the biggest laser in our office with a 30” x 20” bed size. Although she’s large and very powerful, she is very precise and her engravings are done with a slight, delicate “hand” that contradicts her appearance.

Calvin is our only male in an office of all females. He was initially rented during one Christmas, when we needed extra hands on deck, and then became such an essential part of our team we decided to buy him and he joined our squad! He doesn’t mind being the only male and with his position right next to Thelma and Louise there is never a boring day!

That brings us to Mini. Mini was the 1st laser brought into our world. She isn't the smallest and isn’t the largest but is the true workhorse in the shop. Thelma and Louise were taken with her immediately and are thrilled they get to work with a laser of her age and stature. Calvin and Big Bertha are always there for her as well. But poor little Mini doesn’t have a name… She was always just called Mini because that is the model of Epilog laser she is…

In the future Thelma and Louise are hoping YOU can help us give her the name she deserves…. And we might be running a contest for it!

Will you?

For now if you have any name suggestions please leave a comment for us in the blog and we will compose a list for future name use….

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