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Can you believe it? 

Uuummm... isn't it the 14th? Ops... Guess we should take our own advise! 


4th of July, Independence Day 

1st Paid Holiday off since Memorial Day 




We get reminded about working all the time!!


NOT in a bad way…


National Workaholics Day reminds us to have balance in our life. Too much of one thing is never good for us. In this particular case “WORK.”


Everything in Moderation…

Work is still important yet not the only thing in our lives.


We need to take care of:

Ourselves (Vital)

Our Family (Show Them the Love) 

Friends (Want Them to Stick Around)


Why are we workaholics…You might ask????


Here is the low-down or time-line


  1. Ancient Origins - long, long time ago
    1. Work benefited everyone in society
  2. 1600’s - Colonial American Dream
    1. American Dream = Hard Work 
    2. Hard Work = Prosperity in Heaven
  3. 1905 - Impure Industry
    1. Industrial Revolution mechanizes workforce
  4. 1968 to Present…Respect Work-Life
    1. Roger Dangerfield, a comedian, came up with the word “Workaholics” to describe his dad’s unhealthy relationship with work
    2. Are you a Workaholic?


Let’s Celebrate!!


  1. Take the day “OFF” - Take Time For YOU!!
  2. Extend your 4th of July Holiday - Relax and Google the History of Labor (Or anything Else!)
  3. Watch Out for Stress - Learn the Symptoms
  4. Binge “The Office” series and give thanks that this is not your real world
  5. Remember…Social Life is Important too


So as July and the rest of the year is coming quickly in front of us… 


Work isn’t the only thing…

Take time for Yourself, Your Friends and Your Family!!


Everyone will be much happier…



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