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Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day August 28th

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day
August 28th 


What is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day? 

It is a day to remember those pets that you loved dearly and lost.


Remember all those fun, silly and goofy things that you loved about your pet.

A staff member’s granddaughter, Evie, remembers when she got her 1st kitty. Evie called him Baby Kitty. She was still calling him Baby Kitty when he was 10 years old and weighed 25 pounds. She could barely carry him but to Evie he was still her Baby Kitty. It makes us smile just to think of this great memory. 

Did you get your first pet as a child or as an adult? It doesn’t matter when you got your pet, as adults we love them just as much as if we were still a child. And we miss them terribly!

What things do you remember about your pet…is it those antics that drove you crazy but you would love to see one more time?   How about that cuddler…knowing when you weren’t feeling well or just had a bad day and was right there to comfort you.

Another pet from our Kustom Products Inc. family was Rufus, a miniature Pinscher, who loved to get under the covers (to burrow) and stood by the bed waiting to be picked up and put on the bed because he couldn’t get up by himself. He’s about a foot tall but thought he was a Great Dane! There are many funny stories where he would cop an attitude or give us those sad puppy dog eyes when he was trying to get food from you, even though he had just eaten... he was still STARVING.

There are endless stories about pets from our Kustom Products Inc. Family and we bet most of you have some great stories to tell too!! We would love to hear some of them. Just send them to us and we will share them through social media with everyone. 

Know someone who is looking for a keepsake to remember their pet? Check out our collection of pet albums, and from now till midnight on the 28th Kustom Products Inc will donate 5% of all profits from any item sold to the ASPCA.

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