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The 5 MUST KNOW’S About the Humidor

The “Must Know” Facts about Humidors


It seems you can’t watch a movie or TV show nowadays without some bad boy in a suit or an old school mobster smoking a cigar. Mad Men, The Wire, Crimson Tide, Goodfellas, The Sopranos… the list goes on and on and on.

As a cigar aficionado, the most important investment you can make is where you store your treasured cigars: the humidor.

Cigars are a pretty hefty investment, no matter how you look at it, ranging from $20 to $300 for a bundle, and how you store your cigars to keep them from drying up and going bad can make or break your bank.

So if you or someone you know cares about cigars, there are a few things you should know to be educated on humidors.

  1. Humidors were originally made with solid wood, instead of Spanish Cedar, nailed together, and featured a hinge. There were even novelty tins at one point that served no storage purpose other than allowing its owner to show off an expensive case. However, even the simplest humidors kept cigars safer than just laying them flat on the table. Thus, the need to keep cigars protected was born and the birth of the humidor boom began.

  2. 99.9% of all humidors are made from Spanish Cedar. Firstly for its pleasant but not overwhelmingly strong aroma, which you will also find in many cigars and is used by manufacturers to age and even pack their cigars. But mainly because the Spanish Cedar is excellent at retaining and expelling the humidity needed to keep your cigars pristine.

  3. The quality of the humidor definitely matters. Depending on what wood materials are used to create the humidor, foreign wood can run into many problems. Some foreign woods are prone to warping and buckling in the high humidity. If thicker wood is used, such as Oak, it can trap the heat and raise the temperature, which can ruin your cigars. In the long run, spending more on a higher quality humidor is worth the bang for your buck.

  4. Not every humidor is made from wood. With the modern advances we have today, companies have created traveling cigar cases, made of highly durable plastics lined with foam to help in keeping your cigars fresh. Some even include small humidifiers to keep your cigars in that 70% humidity for longer periods of time, and offer air seals to trap as much humidity as possible.

  5. DO NOT USE TAP WATER! The amount of germs, bacteria, etc. that is found in tap water is a death sentence for your humidor. Because the Spanish Cedar is so porous, all of these germs found in tap water seep into the pores of the wood and feed off the humidity, growing rapidly and eventually destroying your precious cigar collection. So always remember: use distilled water to prevent mold growth.

Now that you have the five basic must-knows about humidors and you can be considered an expert in the field, roam our selection of humidors and cigar ashtray sets. It’s always a great time to channel your inner Mad Man or surprise the aficionado in your life with a personalized humidor that you can help set up!


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