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The Evolution of Gifts and How They Became Personalized

The Evolution of Gifts and How They Became Personalized

Gift-giving has always been a tool to celebrate milestones and events. It has also been utilized to strengthen relationships and represent our gratitude for the people in our lives. Personalized gifts have become well-appreciated in the modern world for their ability to standout to their recipients. The evolution of gifts and how they became personalized is the result of interplay between human nature and the commercialization of gift-giving.

The Human Nature of Gift-Giving


Because gifts are a way to express our appreciation for someone, we tend to use them as a tool to form and build relationships. Selecting a nice gift for someone requires careful thought and is an exchange that leaves giver and receiver feeling more invested in their bond.

Gift recipients often feel well-liked in response to getting a gift and are likely to continue the giving cycle, conveying their admiration for someone else. Gifting is a generous cycle that results in the feeling of belonging—a highly motivating factor for humans’ actions.


Gifts are given as a means of celebrating, but did you know they also incite our competitive nature? It’s common we give gifts with the subtle expectation of eventually getting something in return. Making comparisons is innate to human nature and is likely to be felt when the holidays roll around. The knee-jerk reaction to ask, “Who gave or got the best gift?” is a tough instinct to fight, but just know it’s only natural.

Commercialization of Gift-Giving

Mid to Late 1900s

As the economy grew after WWII, the tradition of holiday gifts became standard in many homes. The increase of big corporations, and ability to market them in papers and magazines, had wish lists shifting toward mass produced items. The formation of wish lists was severely impacted by the introduction of the Internet at the start of the 21st century.

Personalized Gifts and the Internet

The evolution of gifts and how they became personalized is largely due to the Internet. Media has increased attention and accessibility to new products, and technological advances have allowed us to customize these products with ease. The Internet’s ability to connect people with online shops has led to a drastic growth of the market for personalized gifts. Its inventory is so vast it enables shoppers to seek out the most unique and personal gifts when browsing the Web.

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