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The Guide To Gift Giving

You know what I’m going to say: The holidays are coming! It’s true, the lights are up, Bing Crosby’s voice is stuck in your
head, and you’ve officially put your diet on hold until next year. Of course, there’s another sign that we’ve officially reached
gift-giving season: Stress!

For the gifting wizards out there, this time of year is their moment to shine. They always know the perfect gift to buy or create.
Whatever they give, it’s the right balance of meaningful and fun, a touch sentimental, but also somehow practical. How do they do it?

For us mere mortals, though, determining the right gift for the people in our lives can be excruciating. There is just no easy shortcut.

And no, Janet, you can’t give everyone you know a candle yet again.

There really is no "one-size fits all" gift for everyone, but if you’re struggling for ideas and worried you’re going to ruin the holidays, we’re here to help.

A Gift-Giving Guide for the People in Your Life

Your Significant Other – Some of you have known what you were going to get your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner since December 26th of last year. It’s been wrapped and stashed in your secret hiding place since Easter. For some of us, though, buying a gift for the person we love most is often the hardest.

The important thing to remember is that it should be personal. If you just grab the first thing you see at Barnes & Noble or Target, you’re significant other is going to know. One way to make sure the gift you get feels more personal than just something bought off the shelf is to have it engraved with a meaningful message or an important date. Whatever you buy, don’t wait until the last minute. Nothing ruins the holiday mood like a present from 7-Eleven.

Your Crush – If there’s anyone harder to shop for than your S.O., it’s the person you wish was your significant other. If you haven’t already confessed your feelings, don’t try to do it with a gift. Rookie mistake. Instead, be chill, get your crush a gift that says, “Hey, I saw this and thought of you, whatever, no big deal.”

Think about what you know about your crush and get them something fun that they’ll use – you want them to be thinking about you, after all. A flask, a lovely designed picture frame, a cozy scarf; whatever gift you give, it’ll keep you on their mind. At least, until you finally work up the nerve to tell them how you feel.

Your Boss – Buying a gift for your boss is tough. You don’t want to come off as brownnosing, even though, of course, you are brownnosing. You aren’t going to impress her or him with a flashy gift, so don’t think big ticket items. Instead, think something classic but simple, like a wine box or a nice pen set. And if that promotion comes your way... hey, what a nice coincidence.

Your Friend Who Has Everything – There’s always that one person on your list who you have a million ideas for, but somehow they already own all of it. Two of each, in fact. In that situation, think outside of the box. A wooden game set, like chess or dominoes, makes for an uncommon but classy gift. And if they don’t play chess or dominoes, even better.

If those ideas don’t interest you, you can always go with the standard standby: a nice bottle of liquor.

Your Friend Who Hates Everything – Bah Humbug, am I right? There’s somebody in your life who reminds you every year that: a) they don’t celebrate Christmas (or any other holiday) and b) they hate gifts. Perhaps they doth protest too much, but even if they genuinely aren’t a fan of getting presents, that doesn’t mean you can’t rise to the challenge. Go with something impractical, even silly. Give a fun gift they would never think to buy for themselves. At the very least, it will surprise them.

And if you can’t think of anything, there’s always a nice bottle of liquor.

Your Mother-in-Law – It’s a lazy cliché that everyone hates their mother-in-law. In fact, many people get along splendidly with their in-laws. But regardless if you love your mother-in-law or... feel something other than love, finding the right gift for her can still be a challenge. It doesn’t have to be, though. Go with a pretty embroidered towel set or a comfy robe, useful gifts that are always well-received.

And if the in-laws overstay their welcome this year, there’s always a nice bottle of liquor (that’s a little gift for yourself).

Hopefully you’re now ready to find the perfect gift, but if you’re still not sure what to get for the people in your life, check out Kustom Products for a wide variety of fun gifts that can be personalized for any occasion:

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