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Our Most Popular Item Was Featured on CTV's "The Social"- Did You Miss It?

The incredibly popular show "The Social", featured on CTV in Canada, reached out to Kustom Products this year to be featured in their Mother's Day Gift Guide episode! We were so honored to be a part this very talented group of businesses who really go above and beyond to put a smile on Mom's face!

The family recipe boards you see in the clip (above) are REAL recipes given to us by the hosts of the show! We loved making their day and giving them something to really cherish with their family on Mother's Day. 

Want to know more about how we go from a recipe card to a family heirloom? Here's a quick glance below:

STEP 1: The first step is to get a copy of the recipe or message that you want engraved on the cutting board. It can be hard to choose just ONE recipe that is your favorite, but you can always come back and order more for other family members!

STEP 2: Once you've sent in your recipe, we begin to hand trace it! This process can be tedious and time consuming, with some longer and more detailed recipes taking up to 36 hours! But it's all worth it for that smile on your face when you see the final product.

STEP 3: When we've finished tracing your recipe, we engrave it! We set up your recipe exactly how you want it and watch the recipe come to life before us! 

STEP 4: We send out your beloved family heirloom to be received by teary eyes and big smiles! This is our favorite part!

Checkout Our Cutting Boards Here:

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