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The Ultimate Christmas Gift-Buying Guide

The Ultimate Christmas Gift-Buying Guide

The spirit of Christmas draws near as lights go up and holiday movie marathons pile up—it’s almost that time of year! There’s a lot of preparation that goes into a having a successful Christmas Day. Though the preparation can be exciting, it can also get hectic.

Once you have all your Christmas decorations in order, it’s time to consider your loved ones’ wish lists. Kustom Products has created the ultimate Christmas gift buying guide, so you can focus on enjoying the holiday season with your loved ones.

Before You Shop…

Create a Christmas shopping plan to curb the stressors of the holidays. An effective plan can help you save time and money—two things we all seem to need a little more of around the season. When creating your gift list of loved ones and intended presents, it’s important to consider the following.

Set a Budget

It can be fun to spoil friends and family during the holidays, but that doesn’t mean you have to forfeit your bank account. It’s important to set a budget prior to checking everyone off your gift list. A budget will help you gauge a feasible price range for the gifts you buy. Designate an amount for holiday shopping to avoid future financial stress. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of shipping when necessary.

Monitor Discounts

Companies constantly promote holiday discounts in hopes of drawing in more customers. As the holidays approach, keep an eye out for useful discounts that’ll help you stick to your budget.

One way to save money while shopping without getting stingy is to set price-tracker apps on intended gifts. There are many websites that allow you to track an item’s cost. These sites highlight price drops, providing you with the optimal time to purchase the gift.

If the idea of shopping on Black Friday is daunting to you, we get it. Luckily, rounding off Thanksgiving weekend is Cyber Monday. Tons of online shops offer valuable deals the Monday following Thanksgiving, so you can score discounts in the comfort of your own home.

Create a Shopping Plan

We understand gift lists can get extensive. Save time and money by organizing a route that best suits your holiday needs. Group your shopping excursions to avoid making multiple trips. The fewer shopping runs you have to make, the less stressed you’ll be. Getting your holiday errands done in one fell swoop also decreases your likelihood of making random and unnecessary splurges on gifts.

Take Care of Yourself!

With the hustle and bustle that comes with shopping for others, we tend to overlook our own needs. Check in with yourself throughout the holiday season to prevent missing out on the true spirit of Christmas. It’s crucial to manage stress levels during the holidays by allocating some alone time. And don’t be afraid to treat yourself to something, too!

When Shopping For…

Still figuring out which gift your loved one would want to open on Christmas Day? Kustom Products has a broad inventory of personalized gifts that encourages you to find something for everyone this Christmas. We’ve laid out top gift ideas based on who you’re shopping for.

Your Kids

Kids are some of the most entertaining gift receivers to watch on Christmas. They get almost as excited about the wrapping paper as the gift itself. Their inevitable displays of gratitude and happiness makes them a little easier to shop for during the holidays. Refer to the following when trying to come up with a gift that’ll make them smile.

  • Favorite TV Show or Movie—Gift your child with their favorite on-screen character this year. Plenty of children’s TV shows and movies are franchises, their toys taking up aisles upon aisles at the store. Investigate your child’s favorite show or movie to see if stores have physical products, such as pajamas, backpacks, or toys in stock.
  • Interactive toys—These types of gifts are an excellent way to stimulate your child. Check out interactive play mats for your child, such as the keyboard or train track mats.
  • Check age recommendations on the gifts you purchase. Some toys are deemed as unsafe for infants or toddlers due to choking hazards. Age recommendations will also give you a good idea of whether the toy is appropriate for your child’s age, should you be struggling.

Your Pets

We cannot overlook the furry babies! Pets bring so much joy into families’ lives. Why not treat them to something special this Christmas? (Additionally, one of the best parts is you can forego time-consuming gift wrapping.)

  • Upgrade their bed to one that’s extra plush, or even heated
  • All the treats!
  • New leash, collar, or harness for ample comfort
  • Durable toys

Your Partner

The closeness with your significant other may clue you in to what they’d like this year, but it can also stress the need to find the perfect gift. Try out one of these gifts to let your partner know just how much you love them.

  • Purchase an experience! Consider buying a weekend or day trip the two of you have been needing. Purchasing tickets for an event or trip is an opportune way to create fun memories with your partner.
  • Encourage their interests. Buy something that is relevant to what they enjoy. Whether it’s an item for skiing, gaming, or reading, supporting their hobbies is a great way to show love.
  • Personalizing your gift shows you went the extra mile to cater the gift for them. Amp up your wine nights with engraved wine gifts or a custom photo album to hold your precious memories.


In case you were planning to spend on a few coworkers this season, we’ve included these fun and practical gifts in the ultimate Christmas gift-buying guide.

  • A custom portrait of their pet for their workspace
  • Mini humidifier to keep their air high-quality during the winter
  • A cute combination of gloves and a hat
  • Uniquely-colored or decorated reusable water bottle (convenient and eco-friendly!)


On top of your loved ones’ wish lists, consider tacking a few items off a local charity’s donation list. Lots of shelters and charities need new and unopened items. Inability to fund new items leaves many organizations relying on the generosity of donors. Get into the holidays spirit this year by rounding up your family to share the cheer through donations.


The Ultimate Christmas Gift-Buying Guide

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