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Top 10 Gifts For Everyone!

If you’ve been struggling to come up with a great gift for someone, 
we’re here to help!

We’re going to go over our ten most popular gifts at Kustom Products Inc that continually get rave reviews and sellout! Get your pens ready- you’re going to want to write these down!

Cherry/Black Humidor: These humidors are our number-one selling item, and it’s easy to see why! Each humidor can hold up to 50 cigars and features its own hydrometer and hygrometer so that you can keep your cigars fresh! Customize the glass lid with a name, message, or logo for an extra special touch!

Cigar Ashtray: The cigar ashtray is a welcome addition to any cigar lover who already has begun collecting their favorites! If you’ve already purchased our Humidor (above) or they have one at home, get them a Walnut Ashtray, which has a guillotine cutter, punch cutter, and cigar bed all included! Customize the walnut lid with their name or special date to make it all their own!

Bamboo Wine Box: This Rustic Bamboo Wine Box has been a favorite for weddings, corporate gifts, and for birthdays! Engrave their name(s), a personal quote, and even a date on the lid to mark a special day, or add a logo to hand out to employees on a special occasion or during the holidays! Open the wine box to find a beautiful silk lining for the wine bottle and four wine tools to help open it up!

Bamboo Wine Tool Set: If you know someone who loves wine, they’re going to need all the necessary tools to open, decant, and store their favorite wines! Engrave their name, initials, or a quote that will make them smile every time they open a bottle!

Cheese Board: For the foodie in your life, encourage them to try new cheeses and meats with a new cheese board that houses all the necessary cheese knives in its lid! Choose from one of our unique designs, or create your own with the help of a Concierge Gift Strategist!

Tac Force Knife: If you’re looking for something a bit more handy or outdoorsy, consider buying a Tac Force Knife for your recipient. This knife has a partially serrated blade to get through tougher materials, and an auto-assist open for quick thinking. The wood on the handle is not only able to be engraved with a name, but also makes for a great grip!

Whiskey Barrel: Learn how to age your own whiskey or scotch in our one liter Whiskey Barrel! A variety of styles let you customize the barrel to the personality of who you’re buying it for, and makes a unique addition to any home or office! 

Rocks Glasses: Add some comfort to your home by including a set of personalized rocks glasses to the mix! Pour your favorite cocktail into the glass and enjoy a relaxing evening on the patio or by the fire. If you’re hosting a big group of friends or preparing for a wedding, customize a glass for each person so no one’s drink gets accidentally taken!

Sunglasses Watch Box: This leather Sunglasses and Watch Box add a classy touch to your bedroom, where it conveniently stores up to six watches and three pairs of glasses! Remove the soft pillows to be able to store jewelry or other personal items also. Comes with a lock and key for security to keep wandering hands out!

Recipe Cutting Board: Our last item is our favorite here at Kustom Products. Create your own special cutting board with a recipe from a loved one! We engrave the recipe in their handwriting so that you have an amazing family heirloom to hold onto and break out during the holidays!

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