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Understanding the Basics of Glass Engraving

Engraved glass gift

Glass engraving is a creative technique that enhances glass decorations and items. It differs from other glass manipulation techniques that use more abrasive methods to create unique effects, such as glass etching and glass art.

Engraving dates back to ancient times; well-preserved artistic glass artifacts from past eras are still admired today. Kustom Products has constructed a guide to understanding the basics of glass engraving types for those who are interested in glass engraving as a prospective hobby or who wish to admire its beauty.


The most popular type of glass engraving, the drill method, is employed for its versatility. Interchangeable tool parts allow artists to create vastly unique glass designs. Novice glass engravers will utilize tools such as a Dremel that allow them to hold the drill like a pen. User-friendly drills allow beginners to flex their creative muscles with the delicate medium.

Intermediate and professional drill tools for glass are often the same as dental hygienist tools. As engravers grow in their craft, they may upgrade to a Micromotor glass engraving utensil. Micromotor tools have minimal vibration and noise, making it easier for engravers to achieve precise designs.

Pin Vice & Diamond Burr

The handheld pin vice and diamond burr method is known for its ease and affordability. Engravers just starting out will often give this technique a try before investing in drill tools. Designs from this method are the result of using small drill bits. The use of pin vice and diamond burr is commonly taught to beginners, as it is the simplest method of glass engraving.


Stipple is one of the more meticulous forms of glass engraving. Designs are set into the glass by repetitively tapping a tool known as a carbide point into the piece. With professional skills and determination, engravers that stipple will create an incredibly detailed picture made of numerous tiny dots and indentations.

Laser Engraving

In understanding the basics of glass engraving, you will find that technology has made significant headway via laser engraving. In this method, a laser is utilized at high heat and low speed to chip away at the glass particles causing a frosted effect and a slightly rough feel, which enables the artist to engrave the desired design.

Kustom Products Inc. has applied the beauty of glass engraving to create personalized products. Ring in the New Year with a set of our custom engraved champagne flutes, or celebrate the occasion with a specialized humidor bundle. No matter how you celebrate, refer to Kustom’s inventory for unique pieces that everyone will love.

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