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What Do I Need to Open This Bottle of Wine Anyway?

For many of us, opening a bottle of wine comes down to finding wines that have the screw top to ease the pain of having to yank out a cork. But what happens when you have a nicer bottle of wine and you’re hosting friends for dinner? What tools are necessary to correctly open and pour an expensive bottle of wine?

With our Four Piece Bamboo Wine Tool Set, you will have all the necessary tools for opening an expensive bottle of wine for friends and ensuring they’re getting the most out of each glass.

  • The Corkscrew
    There are many different types and styles of corkscrews. Generally, a corkscrew will have a worm, handle, and boot lever to remove the cork.  Additionally, corkscrews may have other features, such as a foil cutter (the small knife on the back of the handle) and bottle cap remover (for the all-in-one corkscrew).

  • The Stopper
    This is an essential wine accessory, as it’s used to close leftover wine bottles before refrigerating or storing them. A stopper becomes necessary when a bottle’s cork was damaged in removal or is hard to fit back into the bottle neck. They can vary in style, size and shape, and each will look different from the other, even with some people collecting wine stoppers as a hobby.

  • Decanting Pourer
    The decanting pourer is also known as an aerator, which fits into the open bottle neck. This device mixes air into the wine as it flows through, as an alternative to swirling, traditional decanting, and waiting for the wine to breathe on its own. By allowing oxygen to be exposed to the wine, the wine flavors and aromas will open up and bring life to the wine.

  • Drip Collar
    A drip collar is a wine accessory that fits around the neck of the wine bottle to absorb any drips that may run down the side of the bottle after pouring. This is good to have especially when pouring red wines to prevent stains that may surface when the bottle comes in contact with tablecloths, counter tops, or, potentially, your guest’s clothing.

  • Whether you’re buying a wine tool set for a seasoned wine lover, or for someone who has just begun their journey into the world of wine, you can be sure that they’ll have all the essentials they need to be prepared to open their new favorite bottle of wine. Make sure, if you’re buying this wine tool set as a birthday or anniversary gift, you also give the gift of a new bottle of wine for them to try! Reach out to one of our Gift Concierge Strategists to help you decide on the perfect bottle of wine, which we are able to source and ship for you with your new personalized wine tool set!

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