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What Do Your Sunglasses Say About You?

Sunglasses have become sort of like the ultimate accessory. With a variety of styles that allow you to inadvertently also avoid eye contact, you can look dashing and yet still avoid strangers. But really, they’re a first impression to your personality. Your choice of sunglasses will tell others around you who you are and what you like simply by how they look. 

Look through the styles below to see what your sunglasses choice says about you! And don’t forget- if you have a few pairs of sunglasses that you love and spent good money on, make sure to take care of them by storing them safely in our Sunglasses and Watch Box. This leather accessory case will keep your treasured sunglasses clean and safe from potential scratching. Engrave the lid of your new case with your initials or a unique design that will show off your personality and showcase your sunglasses and watches below! 

  • Aviators: The aviators definitely show off your confidence with an air of intrigue. Too much to drink last night? Going undercover to scope out the scene at the new local hotspot? Actually a pilot? We may never know, but if “I’m On A Boat” is your theme song, then these are definitely for you!
  • See-Thru Aviators: You like stranger to stranger eye contact? Weird. Let’s leave it at that. 
  • Cat-Eye: The dramatic flair of sunglasses, the cat-eye is the classy, cinematic sunglasses that you slowly pull down to peer at a good looking fella as he walks by. You craft a timeless wardrobe and no stranger to a good old fashioned eyebrow raise. 
  • Round “John Lennon’s”: You are truly the enlightened type where no matter how big or small the rounds, they look just how they’re meant to look on you. You’re chill, and just like the glasses you sport, centered.
  • Wayfarers: Whether you choose to wear the free kind handed out at events or the expensive Ray Bans, these are the glasses to wear when the sun is out and up high. These come and go as the popular style almost every other decade and are sure to make a comeback again soon, so investing in a pair is the logical thing to do!
  • Reflective: Deep, man. Making those looking at you look back at themselves. It’s like the Inception of sunglasses. Or, on the other hand, you probably just like music festivals and selfies.
  • Kanye Shutters: You love the sunglasses that aren’t really sunglasses, I see. You should probably get your eyes checked, because these aren’t protecting you whatsoever. 
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