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What is the Best Wine Tumbler?


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Wine tumblers are a new trend that has taken us all by surprise. They’re useful in almost every occasion and can be customized to fit the person you’re gifting them to and what you need it for! Practically unbreakable, multi purposeful, and a great gift for anyone, wine tumblers have become a sensation overnight.

To make sure you’re choosing the right wine tumbler for you, it’s helpful to look at the specifications of the tumblers versus the others, rather than simply purchasing for its versatility. While it’s certainly a different experience drinking from a proper wine glass, these wine tumblers prevent those messy spills and breakage that comes with using real glass. Especially on the occasion that you’re near a pool or lake and it’s slippery, or you have children running around, these tumblers become extremely useful in safety (both of the glass and of your wine!).

As the stainless steel wine tumblers tend to do the best job of both protecting the wine as well as keeping from altering the flavoring due to the material of the cup, our top three picks for wine tumblers are all stainless steel tumblers which can be powder coated in a wide variety of colors.

For the extreme outdoors:

If you’re looking to do more than have a relaxed night by the campfire, the Corksicle 12oz. Triple Insulated Wine Tumbler is our pick for a more extreme outdoors tumbler. The triple insulation will keep drinks cool for 9 hours, even in the hot sun, and warm at night for up to 3 hours when the sun goes down. Their patented easy grip sides will make sure that you’re never dropping your cup and the silicone on the bottom keeps the tumbler from slipping and sliding everywhere. There’s even a spill-resistant lid to ensure that if your Corksicle is in your backpack or in a place it might get knocked over, the silicone band around the lid and the sliding closure will keep all your drinks safe and sound inside. 

For the ultimate pool party:

If you’re throwing a pool party, the Yeti 10oz. Rambler Wine Tumbler will be a big hit among your guests! The double insulated stainless steel wine tumbler has a DuraCoat color that both prevents it from fading, chipping, and sweating when you have cold drinks inside. Each tumbler is both puncture and rust resistant, and bonus!- dishwasher safe so that you can use it and throw it in the dishwasher when you’re done without any extra hassle! Upgrade to add a Yeti Mag Slider Lid to prevent spillage when the kids are running around for the ultimate wine tumbler!

For your group of friends:

If you’re taking an all-girl’s vacation or looking to buy a set for your friends and yourself, the Polar Camel 12oz. Wine Tumbler is definitely the way to go! The double wall vacuum insulation is twice as cold and heat resistant compared to its glass counterparts, and the clear lid will prevent spillage when everyone is toppling over laughing. The BPA and lead free material will also keep the tumbler from ruining the taste of your wine! The Polars come in a variety of colors, and you can customize them with a design or their names for more fun!

Without a doubt, whether you choose from our favorites or go another route, there are dozens of stainless steel wine tumblers for you to think about when you purchase. Each tumbler will be available in a wide variety of colors and shapes, with vacuum insulation that’s ideal for both hot and cold drinks. Break out your favorite bottle of wine to enjoy outside, or create your own mulled wine for a great night in by the fireplace!

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