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What Kind of Beer Should You Be Drinking in Your Pint Glass?

What Kind of Beer Should You Be Drinking in Your Pint Glass?

You’re probably used to seeing every kind of craft beer being poured into a pint glass when you’re out with friends. But surprisingly, you aren’t getting the most out of your beers if you are pouring everything into a pint glass. Certain types of beers belong in specially designed glasses to make sure the flavor, head, and aromas are all being appreciated in their true form.

So what kind of beer DO you drink out of a pint glass?

Ideally, the only craft beer that you should be drinking out of a pint glass is something dark, such as a stout or porter, or something that is bitter and hoppy, like a pale ale or IPA. In order to get the most out of these beers, you would pour the beer into the glass at a 45 degree angle with the stream of beer hitting about halfway down the side of the glass. When the glass gets about half full, slowly tip the glass straight and pour right down into the center of the rim. Do not ever use a glass that is frosted cold- a glass should be used that is room temperature. Anything colder than room temperature will impact the flavor and aromas!

If you’re looking for new dark beers to try, might we suggest:

+Fremont Brewing Co “Stone Squirrel”: full of rich coffee flavor but with a light body and a little caramel sweetness on the end

+Ozark’s “Bourbon Barrel Aged Double Cream Stout”: best described as a ‘bourbon soaked brownie’ and worth every sip

If you’re looking for new pale ale’s or IPA’s to try, might we suggest:

+Fort George Brewery “City of Dreams”: you can smell the haze in this one, with peach, passionfruit, and orange juice and an overall bitterness

+Back East Brewing “Rakatura”: a New England unfiltered IPA with aromas of mango, mandarin orange, and cantaloupe, making it smell like you’re at brunch

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