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What To Look For In A New Office Humidor

Having a humidor in your office at work is a great piece that adds class to your decor and allows you to store some of your prized cigar collection in a place other than home, in case you want to step outside and enjoy a few minutes alone or with colleagues.

When choosing a humidor to place in your office, where everyone will be able to see it, there are four major considerations to keep in mind. Read below to find out what you should keep your eye out for, and check out Kustom Product’s website for a selection of humidors, ashtrays, lighters, and travel cases that are sure to fit your taste in the office and at home!

  • Style: The style of humidor you choose will say a lot about your personality and how you are portrayed to those who may enter your office setting. You might choose to go in the direction of having something a bit more classic that will fit into any office: simple, cherry wood with Spanish cedar inside to keep your cigars fresh and your name or initials engraved on the glass to showcase the cigars underneath. Or, you can choose a style that is more tailored to what you’re passionate about. Styles like Nautical for those passionate about sailing or the sea, Onyx for an all black finish, the Judicial for higher end offices like those of Lawyers or Doctors, and the Patriotic for anyone not afraid to show off their pride of their country. 

  • Quantity: You will need to decide the quantity of humidors you might want to keep in your office. Some like to keep their majority of cigars at home (for safe keeping) and only a small selection at the office. For others, they prefer to enjoy a cigar with colleagues but not at home. Deciding the quantity will also help determine the style of humidor you may end up with.

  • Digital vs. Analog: As the years continue, more humidors are coming equipped with a digital humidifier and hygrometer to help keep the humidor at its correct temperature. However, for those who are more old school, the analog is still prefered to be assured that technology won’t read the temperature wrong and ruin a good selection of cigars. Decide how important it is for you to have one or the other, and make sure the humidor you’re looking at has this important component.

  • Quality: Since you’re unable to control the environment in the office the way you’re able to at home, it’s important to have a good quality humidor that will keep your cigars safe and fresh when you’re not in the office. Things to look for include: having a solid wood vs. a poorer quality veneer wood; checking that the humidor has a tight seal; and, if possible, checking to see that the hardware is made of brass for a longer life and that there are quadrant hinges (that connect both on top and bottom) to prevent them from loosening over time. 
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