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Wood Bottle Opener Coasters: Personalized For You!



Who came up with the idea for a drink coaster anyway? Was it a fussy maid or housewife who was tired of seeing condensation rings on all of their wood surfaces? Or perhaps some savvy designer who thought up the idea to solve the issue of having wet surfaces due to beverages?


Turns out it’s neither! In the 1800’s, pubs used felt or pieces of fabric to cover drinks and ward off bugs and dirt from getting into pints of beer. The material they used was absorbent and reused, which we know now isn’t exactly sanitary. A Germany printing company called Frederich Horn gets the credit for having created the first disposable cardboard “beermats” in the 1880’s. A few years later, Robert Smith pattented his beermat made of a sturdy wood pulp. Before long, eager breweries and marketers started branding these surface-savers with advertisements for beers and local pubs.


By the middle of the 20th century, these beverage coasters tipped out of the pubs and bars and into domestic households where they are now prominently features in various materials such as acrylic, ceramic, felt, glass, silicone, and wood. Coasters have become a statement piece in homes, the same as art, signs, or decor might be. Quirky coasters can express someone’s taste in design, their favorite beers, display their household name, so on and so forth.


At Kustom Products, we like the idea of being able to express who you are and make your coasters for your home personal. Our Wooden Coasters with a bottle opener on the back are the perfect way to protect your furniture and express your interests. You can design a coaster with your home state, a family crest or family name, your favorite beer or liquor, and even with funny quotes or personal messages to put a smile on someone’s face when they grab a beer! Create your own set of wooden coasters for your home today and make a statement!


About Kustom Products Inc:

Kustom Products is an innovative gift company helping people create unique custom and affordable gifts. With hundreds of products spanning a variety of interests, Kustom Products aims to meet every need for every occasion. Their employees are dedicated to getting creative with your idea to help you stand out from the rest.


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