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You Don't Need to Lie About Your Love for Cheese Anymore!

You like to pretend that you’re not madly in love with cheese like the rest of us, but secretly- you’re addicted, too. It’s okay, because everyone here at Kustom Products fully supports you in your cheesy relationship. 

The next step in your amazing relationship with cheese is to get yourself a personalized Cheese Board that comes with the four cheese tools you need for every kind of cheese. But what do these cheese tools do? And how do I know what tool to use for what kind of cheese?

We’re going to discuss the four types of tools that you’ll receive in our Custom Cheese Board and our favorites cheeses for you to try out with each tool!

  • Pointed Knife: This knife is used for cutting both semi-hard and semi-soft cheeses, but can also be used for spreading soft cheese onto crackers and bread.
    Our favorites to eat with the pointed knife are Rouzaire’s Brie de Nangis, which is a semi-soft cheese that has notes of mushrooms and sometimes steamed caufliflower, and the Herve Mons bleu cheese, which starts out milky and a tad salty, but grows on the palate and ends in a strong, bitter finish.
  • FUN FACT! Did you know there are 60 Master Cheesemakers in the United States… and every one of them lives in Wisconsin? 

  • Thin Knife: The thin knife is used for cutting semi-hard cheese. Note that this knife has a sharp edge on each side and on the end. It can be used to cut from the side edge or as a chisel from the top.
    Our favorites to eat with the thin knife are Essex Street Comté, which has a creamy and buttery flavor with hints of hazelnut, and L’Amuse Brabander Gouda, which is sourced from Holland and ripened in caves to ensure proper drying.
    FUN FACT! The most stolen food in the entire world is cheese, with 4% of all cheese being sold end up stolen.

  • Wide Knife: The wide knife is used for cutting hard cheese, with the only sharp edge being on the end, not on the sides. You cut with this knife by placing it vertically into the cheese and pushing down on it.
    Our favorite to eat with the wide knife are Isle of Mull Aged Cheddar, with a complex and sharp tangy but fruity flavor, and Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, which just around the corner from us here and has a savory but slightly tangy with a caramel sweetness.
    FUN FACT! Cheese is not naturally orange; people started dying it orange back in the 17th century to fool others into thinking it was higher quality cheese.

  • The Fork: The fork is used for picking up cheese that has been cut. It can also be used to break up crumbly cheeses to put onto salads.
    Our favorite cheese to break up and throw onto a great salad is Mt. Vikos Feta, which is one of the only traditional Feta’s from Greece sold in the US!
    FUN FACT! When cheese is digested, it breaks down into an opioid- which is why you can literally get addicted to cheese!

  • Now that you’re familiar with all the tools and you have a few more cheese to go out and try, bring home your own custom Cheese Board and throw a small get together with friends! Remember that you can’t have cheese without a little wine, so pair your new cheese board with a set of wine glasses in the same design!

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