Anniversary Humidor | Custom Image

Anniversary Humidor | Custom Image

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This custom engraved cigar humidor is the gift that will keep both your cigars and your style fresh. Fully lined with Spanish cedar, this cigar box oozes class and sophistication. 

Can hold 75-100 cigars - It won’t discriminate on size! 
The portable box makes this a great travel humidor. 
Can be used as a stylish home accessory, with which to proclaim your refined nature. 
Hygrometer and humidifier ensure that you never have to endure the disappointment of a dry cigar. 
We all know that cigars are essential for relaxation, celebration, business deals, and leisure, so house them in style in our personalized humidor! 

-High Gloss Finish 
-Beveled Glass Top w/ Border Inlay 
-Spanish Cedar Lined & Dark Mahogany Exterior 
-Removable Tray 
-Two Adjustable Dividers 
-Internal Locking Hinges 
-Humidifier & Hygrometer 
-Lock & Key Set 

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