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Eco-Friendly Recipe Cutting Board | Small

Eco-Friendly Recipe Cutting Board | Small

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➽Rectangle:  9 x 6 x 9/16
Made from wood fiber and recycled paper components
HORIZONTAL direction: Handle at the left,
recipe engraved to the right of the handle
VERTICAL direction: Handle at the top,
recipe engraved below the handle

➽Our website is placed in a very small area above the handle
on the back of the cutting board. We have our boards made this way,
it cannot be removed.

All recipes must be sent in a high resolution photo, scanned image,
or Word document ONLY.  Due to the poor quality of photos we have
received, please read ALL the directions in the listing. The writing on the
recipe must be legible and all recipes must be in a single image.  Please
combine your 2-sided recipes 
and trace the words of the recipe if the writing
is light/hard to read, per the listing instructions. 

Follow our "How To" instructions here with video for further clarification: